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Dominate Your Marketing

Jasmine Powers Marketing Fangirl
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Jasmine Powers Marketing Fangirl
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Attract, Service and Retain New Clients

There’s nothing like having people inbox you about your business or seeing new appointment bookings showing up on your calendar. It’s even more awesome when the conversation goes well and you close the deal! Cha-ching!

Hello! I’m Jasmine Powers, your marketing fangirl, and I help consultants and professional service businesses master their content strategy and confidently own their conversations so that they may consistently attract clients they love. I believe content is a service and everything from your first Facebook Live to the LinkedIn private message should be full of well-thought out communications to powerfully position your brand for the sale.

Create & Amplify Content That Attracts Leads

Content Strategy Consulting Made Simple

Whether you’re looking to create, optimize or amplify your content marketing efforts, I’ve got a solution to help.

Loaded With Leads Training

Want to beat the bottom of the boat so that fish will jump in? Well that’s the same thing that desire-focused content can do for your demand generation program. My four module 2(P)AC–pun intended–brand strategy methodology encompasses a 360-degree look at everything your business is and communicates, so we can develop a solid foundation from which all purposeful promotions, product solutions and customer conversations can be established.

Content Marketing Solutions

I get it. You don’t have the time or desire to write your website copy, publish blog posts, compose email sequences or post social media updates. It’s a lot to keep up with, especially if attracting traffic is at the helm of your goals. Delegate your content development and marketing to me so you can focus on chatting with all the new leads being generated for your business.

The Latest

Catch up on marketing and sales tips, expert opinions and other business content.

The Critical Need For Belief

Three weeks ago, I upgraded my cell phone. Instead of 32 GB, now I have 64 GB. Where I once played the Russian Roulette of which photos and apps to delete so I can store something else on my phone, I can make videos, take pictures and download apps to my heart's...

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How To Become A Thought Leader

Recently, it dawned on me that we’re approaching teaching thought leaders incorrectly. How can thought leadership start with simply publishing videos and 10,000 word thought pieces? Many want to make a name for themselves, create viral content, shift perceptions...

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Do We Really Need Email Marketing?

Digital Marketers: Is there anyone fighting the cause AGAINST email marketing, or who thinks the argument "you own your list, not third-party platforms" isn't necessarily a good one? I'm really beginning to question the value of email marketing as far as costs, impact...

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Client Love

I found Jasmine to be fun, real and most of all knowledgeable. I think the biggest takeaways I got from her is – GO DO THE WORK. I was able to connect the dots – with people and with information – and get myself out there more. Results included focusing more on pitching and getting myself in front of the audiences I want. It’s such a great feeling to know I get to work with a professional like Jasmine who is interested in and committed to my success.

Kishshana Palmer

Nonprofit Consultant, Kishshana & Co.


What forms of payment do you accept?

I accept most credit and debit cards and process payments through Paypal and Stripe for your convenience.

Do you offer refunds?

Because of the customized and intimate nature of the work I do with clients, all sales are final and I do not offer refunds. Terms and conditions are discussed in detail before any work begins so that you’re comfortable and confident before moving forward.

What time frame does your consulting cover?

It really depends on how much work your communications strategy needs. You can can consult in as little as an hour for a if you are a solopreneur, have your team trained in a half day workshop if you have a larger organization, or retain me for a year if you need content management solutions. However, my average consulting engagement spans between six weeks and three months.

How do we do consulting sessions?

I’m a big fan of Zoom so that we can see each other face-to-face and you have the recording for future reference. For onsite work, I’m typically training staff in front of a whiteboard or working in a roundtable doing a screenshare that all can follow on a projector.

Get In Touch

It’s painless to get started. Drop me a line and we’ll get the ball rolling.

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