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New Marketing Community on Facebook

The company owned by marketing veteran Jasmine Powers has just launched a free online community on Facebook to help micro businesses master multimedia content creation and marketing.

The Citizens for Better Marketing community is a new iteration of the group Join the Citizen which lived on Mighty Networks and served a similar purpose. This group aims to highlight one platform or content type a month and will host challenges that encourage members to get expert-led marketing practice. It's mostly built for attendees of Jasmine's public talks who need more in depth support beyond a 30-minute presentation. 

Citizens for Better Marketing-1

Powers states: "With limited time and attention resources, I wanted the Citizens for Better Marketing community to live on Facebook, where many are already are spending their time."

Additional benefits for this move include Jasmine Powers Multimedia now being members of Facebook Leaders Community which grants access to additional resources and visibility for members. By building our community on Facebook, we have the highest chances of success when it comes to impact and reach. 

Join Citizens for Better Marketing on Facebook here.