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CfBM:Opportunities In LinkedIn Search

In our first episode of Citizens for Better Marketing Podcast, we explore the often underutilized feature of LinkedIn--it's search feature. While it is a powerful tool for business networking, it also has a powerful search engine that you can use to identify marketing and sales opportunities. Although, LinkedIn also has Sales Navigator and a career tool, the native search bar is an accessible feature that can be used by all who have a profile. Whether you're a tech sales professional looking to prospect, a job seeker, or a consultant looking for speaking opportunities, you'll want to tune in. 

To get started, please fully complete your profile and begin posting content regularly. Ideally, also have a way for people to see your work, and a formal way they can book an appointment and otherwise learn more. Once those basic things are in place and you have social proof, start your outreach using LinkedIn search.

I'll walk though some simple ways you can prospect using this feature. Are you looking for more more information on getting the most out of LinkedIn? Check out this video.