In order to make our work together most efficient, most cost-effective (time is money), and pleasant, I need you to do a little work to help me help you. Think of this the way you would imagine going to get a custom dress made. I’m the seamstress, but you need to tell me what dress you want, choose and provide the fabric and notions, provide your measurements and not push back if tailoring is required to make the dress fit.


Please schedule at minimum, one to three hours, preparing for our work together. Why? So that we eliminate a lot of back and forth trying to pull information together and to ensure I have everything I need to create a positive experience and beautiful product for you. When you do this pre-project work, I’ll have everything I need up front, delivered in a clear, easy-to-understand format.




Project management: Mavenlink


We will be using Mavenlink for project management, so it is important for you to accept my invitation to Mavenlink. All correspondence should be sent THROUGH Mavenlink and not email and should follow threads with specific subject titles. This makes searching and reference much easier. You can easily return to Mavenlink by bookmarking it or by visiting PROJECT LOGIN.


Gmail, Google For Work, and Google Drive:


If you are a Gmail user and wish to share information from Google Drive/Docs, please send share link to womanfrommycountry DOT gmail DOT com although Mavenlink is the preferred method of delivery of shared files. Also, all appointment requests should be made at or directly to the noted gmail account.




While we are primarily using Mavenlink to maintain an organized project workflow please be in the habit of saving your documents to Dropbox so that if files are shared using this program, they remain accessible and saved with the latest version during the course of the project.




All work is secured by a contract or work agreement with terms to be accepted by electronic signature or by the remittance of payment. No work will begin without an executed contract or full-payment. All refund policies and guarantees are expressly stated within the body of contract or invoice.. Any terms that must be changed or amended must be agreed to in writing and may affect project fees, deliverables and term dates.


For the convenience of all involved, no installment arrangements will be made for any work for fees totalling under $1,000. (i.e. $500 invoice total, pay in full; $1000 invoice total, able to be broken into two payments of $500 plus surcharges.) If smaller, more frequent installments are required, please consider other ways of financing your work with Ambitious Diva.





These instructions are the single most important part of our work together. Please follow them carefully to download your ideas into a format that I can decipher while giving you clarity so you can be decisive about your vision and preferences.


Logo Design and Brand Identity


  1. If you hadn’t already, complete the Creating Awesome – Brand Identity questionnaire give me clues about your business that I may have missed during our call together. I am looking for key ways you want people to think about your brand.
  2. Use Google to identify logos from brands you know to decide what you like or don’t like.
  3. Use a site like MyFonts, to determine what you really like, scripts, serifs or sans serifs.
  4. Take a camera snapshot of some ideas you personally had for how you want your logo to look.
  5. Use Pinterest and create a secret board and share it with me by email. On this board, pin inspiration for your branding and logo, including fashion, text, patterns and color schemes. Include a note on each pin on what you like and why. I will add pins for you to approve to help you see if I am following your train of thought. From here, I will begin creating creative concepts.



Web Design/Development

  1. Determine whether you need a portfolio, e-commerce, web app, product landing or sales page.
  2. Determine what actions you want people to take when they arrive to your website. (buy a product, book an appointment, register for an event, join a community, play a game, do their taxes)
  3. Outline your content, in a single document preferable a Word or Google Doc, what you want each page, picture, or section to say. If links are to be included, please write those down in parenthesis next to the words you want to be hyperlinked. This document should be shared via Mavenlink or saved in a shared Dropbox folder.
  4. Choose royalty-free images that you’ve purchased (do not download images you found on Google to avoid infringement) or have personally taken and have permission to use and upload them all within Dropbox. Each image file should have a descriptive name. In your content document, please identify which page you want each picture to be placed.
  5. Think of how you want a person to progress through your site. Write down the order of the pages that you want people to travel through to end up at the desired action. (I.e. From the home page, a visitor should click one of three calls-to-action. When they arrive on the destination page, they will click a buy now button and be taken to a product page with more information before they check out via Paypal). The more detailed you know, the more I will be able to make this function seamlessly for you.
  6. Share all information via Dropbox. Create a Dropbox account, create a main folder for your project with organized and easy to identify subfolders (WEBSITE>Images>Home page images or WEBSITE>Content>Products>Bath and Body Products)


For an easy checklist to help you prepare for our project, download the Website Checklist here.


Search Engine Marketing and Paid Advertising

  1. Be prepared to provide access to your website and your analytics accounts so that a baseline of where your web property stands.
  2. Define whether you want to increase awareness of your brand, more sales of a particular product, or more views of a YouTube video.
  3. Give thought to what you can allocate to your ad campaign and for how long you can maintain that ad spend.
  4. Understand who you want to reach, their ages, places they shop at, words they might use to find you and where they live.
  5. Whatever you don’t know up front, we can work on together, but know that a lot of what is involved with SEM is research and testing.
  6. If you already have advertising accounts, you will need to provide administrator access, otherwise these will be set up.


Press releases, blogging or social media

An interview and incremental check-ins will be scheduled to collect key details needed to compose press releases, articles, blog posts or social media updates and to provide work status and reports. No work will begin without a scheduled meeting so promptly schedule a Content Strategy Session here.


Resumes and cover letters


We are experts at writing and not experts on your background. Please pull up your sleeves to do some dirty work and digging in the crates to really write down your job history just as it would appear on a resume. We’ll only go back up to 15 years so get our your old resumes, old performance reviews, letters of recommendation and job descriptions. There will be no one like you who knows what you do.

 Our job is doing the enhancement. Start here. Download the following Job Application and Resume Worksheet complete it to the best of your ability. Follow the format provided in order to provide us with the clearest snapshot. When you are done, upload it to Mavenlink.


Welcome, you ambitious diva! Our work partnership is bound to yield phenomenal results!