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Hey you! It’s me, Jasmine.

Glad you made it. Our meeting was bound to happen. Afterall, I’ve been loitering around this entrepreneurial space since I was still wearing biker shorts and Bart Simpson tees as a teen. Although I’d done a few things to make money including hairstyling, sewing and alterations and even taking Mary Kay products from my mom’s business to school, it was graphic design, desktop publishing and teaching my aunts and uncles how to use the computer that got me the money that I really wanted. But things only got better as time went on.

More than a decade after working in corporate, I started a virtual assistance business working for a nutritional consultant and later a real deal Hollywood actress who found me on Twitter. From there, opportunities came pouring in and I began producing social events and educational workshops where I headlined as a speaker sharing strategies for social media, blogging, sales, PR and entrepreneurship. I’ve done keynote addresses and panels, management consulting, traveled the country doing events and promotions, wrote a popular blog, and contributed my expertise to organizations like Independent Writers Association of Southern California, Duke Media Foundation, Black Girls Code, Blogging While Brown, Blogalicious and Get Some Joy. Content ruled everything around me and powered my business and that of my exciting clients.

You’re here because something is lacking. Maybe you’re frustrated with:

  • Producing a ton of content resulting in awareness but not sales – People know you exist and that’s it
  • Limited people resources – There’s just not enough people to do the work
  • Low budget or poor support from leadership or sales team – You believe in content and digital marketing strategy, but leadership doesn’t
  • Poor content systems – You have an outdated website–or no website at all–much less any product landing pages, or email marketing automation
  • No promotional strategy for produced content – You produce content that no one knows about
  • No content campaigns to support product promotions – You have products no one knows about
  • No editorial calendar, content plan, or idea of what topics or formats to publish – What should you even be putting out?
  • Something else that makes you bang your head on your laptop – You’re just overwhelmed and marketing is NOT your gift

Good news! You’re in the right place. You can do this. WE CAN DO THIS!

3 Best Ways To Work Together

  1. Let’s work together to refine your communications, content strategy and marketing so that you can consistently attract leads that need exactly what you offer.
  2. Let me develop your authority content or build a clean, minimalist CMS aka website to share your big ideas.
  3. Let me train your staff how to always produce quality, search-friendly content that supports lead generation.

Before we jump into any commitments, let’s get to know each other. Let’s chat for a bit and discuss where I can be of best service to you. No obligations. Just book a time for us to talk.

Content Manifesto

I believe content is a service to consumers.

I believe content should be marketed and repurposed to increase its performance and to prevent publisher burnout.

I believe each piece of content should have a defined goal related to moving people along the customer journey.

I believe focused, targeted communication speaks to more people than mass messages aimed at broad, unspecific audiences.

I believe that there’s rarely a bad product or service, just bad connections between products and the people who want them.

I believe that even bad writers and poor speakers can amplify their beliefs and brand messages, still creating impact.

I believe relationships are more valuable than transactions.

I believe digital marketing didn’t replace the need for analog connection and that digital tools should only serve the purpose of making human communication more accessible.

I believe consumer product lines should “humanize” their brands and what they represent for people to care.

I believe marketing is intuitive if we focus on conversations and how best to connect and serve people.


My beliefs have been shaped from years of producing blogs, ads, webinars, ebooks, infographics, videos–years as a multimedia content producer AND marketer. By using up-to-date high-visibility marketing strategies, I amplify whatever you put out, making sure you connect to the people you need to reach. I help you start meaningful conversations with the people who matter and turn that into awareness, new customers, and more revenue.

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