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Sometimes online blogs, videos, and print text isn’t enough to move you or the people at your organization. Sales and marketing, especially digital marketing strategy, advertising, PR, marketing tech and all that it takes to build a cohesive communications strategy can be overwhelming and boring, even.

Not so with me, Jasmine Powers, your marketing fangirl. In my 10 years of helping clients in the entertainment, beauty, tech, food, and education industries, I have been able to shift perceptions and change outcomes and effectiveness for how people approach reaching the right people with the right products.

About my presentations:

  • Interactive: No learning is transformative unless people can participate
  • Stories and diagrams: Using whiteboards, screenshares, and analogies, I drive memorable points home
  • Simple: Making things EASIER to remember and execute will always be my goal
  • Entertaining: Through humor and music, there’s a way to keep the attention of an audience and connect key concepts with their favorite pop culture moments

Where you’ve seen me before:


See Me In Action

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Jasmine has a wealth of knowledge, engaging, and encouraging personality that inspired our audience. The event was a success. I observed the audience ask questions and write copious notes during her lecture and exchanges. She is an attentive presenter who strives to engage all attendees, recommend, and address attendees’ questions specific to their businesses. Our end of workshop survey results provided comments such as: “ I learned information I can put to action immediately”, “ I love the way she makes you feel at ease and free to participate and ask questions”. “I would love to attend another workshop Jasmine leads and maybe spend more time with her to learn more”, “This was well worth my time”. “I feel prepared to attract more customers to me business”.

Dr. Barbara Holloway

SCORE New Orleans Regional Chapter

Jasmine really values human connection. She and I met at a social event and stayed in touch. After realizing we could work together to put on workshops for the entrepreneurs, we put together a marketing workshop series. She’s proven to be an incredibly authoritative thought leader on marketing. We had many repeat attendees to her workshops, and she has helped us provide expert support to several entrepreneurs.

Antonio Alonzo

Entrepreneurial Community Coordinator, Fund 17

Her presence is known when she steps in the room and she always brings her “A” game. We’ve utilized Jasmine on a few occasions for community workshops on social media, marketing for small businesses and a speaker for a local networking group. She allows the audience to participate in the presentation and leaves them with just enough information for the audience to want more. I would recommend Jasmine for any project.

Frances Fomai

Speedpro LB

I’ve had the pleasure of hearing Jasmine speak live at our Mom-e Club Long Beach chapter meeting and as a special guest on our educational webinars. She really knows the ins and outs of marketing a business and is so dynamic and energetic every time she presents. She’s the best kind of speaker – knowledgeable, interacts with the audience, makes it fun, memorable and everyone leaves with so many great nuggets of info! I highly recommend her speaking and training abilities.

Tisha Pelletier

Mom-E Club

I am already receiving praises for your presentation. I’m really glad that you were the seminar leader. You showed total expertise, honesty, humor, and you presented with energy and clarity. You are a great person and a wonderful resource. Again, many thanks.

Gary Young

Independent Writers of Southern California

Thank you so much for your presentation yesterday for our Going Places Network workshop on Resume Enhancement! I’m so thankful that you were able to make it. You gave a great presentation and the ladies enjoyed working with you. Your guidance for the women you worked with was unmatched and what you offered our participants was appreciated by not only them, but the staff at Dress for Success Worldwide – West as well.

Brynne Zaniboni

Dressed For Success