Are you wanting to get to the OH YES, GIRL with your products and services?

Then you have to build what your community really need and package it into a “OH YES, GIRL! send me the link!” product that soothes their pain points.

Which means you need to listen.
Which means you need to have conversations.
Which means you need discernment and to ask the right questions.
Which means that even if you didn’t get the sale today that it doesn’t mean you won’t ever get it.

This is the reason I’m restructuring a new group coaching program based on Sell What You Know, that bridges the gap on my VIP coaching and the self-paced, online only course.

All because I listened. When I hit up some ladies I spoke to this week, I got “OH YES, GIRL!” immediately. Not ONE no!

Here’s why:

With my new Sell What You Know Girlfriends group program, you’ll get focused, practical monthly lessons on:

  • How to build your course and training methodology for different teaching formats
  • Laying a foundation for a profitable business with tools, pricing, packaging and experience
  • How to attract a community that pays you and that sells for you,
  • Webinar development and how to fill them and your courses using SEO and advertising
  • How to manage direct outreach and rock your sales calls

You get all this plus access to a small group of built in accountability partners who will call you on your stuff and help you rethink how you’ve been approaching those emotionally charged and yet really bad ideas that haven’t worked the way you anticipated. They know because they can look at it objectively and see it the way a customer would. And they will expect that same genius from you when working on their heart-bred projects.

And you get all of my experience as a 10 year digital agency founder and CMO-for-hire, community manager, content marketing beast, event producer, PR and experience princess and trainer, for a monthly membership fee that you’ll love.

You also get training on:

– PR and sponsor outreach
– Website optimization and organic reach so you can ease some of your ad budget
– Event production and promotion tips
– Marketing collateral must-haves and best practices
– Diversify your income by selling merch

Sell What You Know Girlfriends is now open. Let’s get you registered today!