Build your easiest webinar funnel yet with this short training!

Discover the exact method I use to build webinars that add hundreds of subscribers in a week!

In From Popping Email List to Paid Programs, you’re going to learn:

  • 3 easy offers to giveaway in an opt-in that makes people subscribe
  • 3 awesome emails to write to get them moving on to the next level of engagement with you FASTER
  • Learn the 3 sections of your webinar to make them enroll in your paid program before you finish your webinar

¬†What else you’ll get:

  • 3 bonus videos showing you how to set up email automations on Mailchimp, Active Campaign and Get Response (put these in the group with the downloads)
  • 2 downloads to help you get through this process STAT
  • Learn 3 ways to create a digital download

Watch this training and you’ll learn everything you need to get started building a webinar funnel in no time. Build your know, like and trust factors with webinars today!