Get your kids to say, “I got McDonald’s money!”

My new Popping & Paid Kids Club will show you how to help your kids start a custom fashion ecommerce biz that they can help them earn their own money for toys, snacks and even that trip to Disneyland!

They will learn:

  1. How to digitize art for sale on custom products

  2. How to set up an online store to dropship their products so there’s no inventory

  3. Easy ways to market their business so they can get people to buy their products

***All for the special presell price of $9***

When you join Popping & Paid Kids Club, you will get:

  • Immediate access to a private Facebook group for parents (I need you to be involved in this process) so that you and your young ones can watch and implement the trainings together for family time.

  • A short, easy-to-follow online course that will be colorful and musical to keep kids engaged (course goes live Friday August 10, 2018)

  • Livestreams and posts to help you through this journey.

  • A community of other entrepreneurial families and their experience building a kid-friendly online business.

  • Discounts and recommendations to keep this new enterprise doable!


  • What age is this best for? My focus is children 13 and under with parental supervision. If you have an older kid that can manage their own social media accounts responsibly and are tech savvy, it’s doable without sounding too “kiddie” for someone up to 16.

  • How long is the course? My goal is to keep it under 2 hours but there will likely be bonus content to make it longer. You can watch it over time and I would at least recommend 30 minutes a week of watch time and 30 minutes of doing so that progress is made.

  • How much will the tools and services recommended in the course cost?┬áMost of what I will recommend is free but there are some premium tools I love that will cost less than $100 total and is optional.

  • How technical is this course? If you use social media, you can do this. I am a tech tool minimalist so I will show you options for the easiest to use tools to get your kids business started. Plus, I will do screenshare tutorials to help you all with setup.

Pull out your kids digital piggy banks. It’s time to get them Popping & Paid!