Write All Your 2018 Content This Month

The famed National Novel Writing Month sends hordes of aspiring Danielle Steele’s, John Grisham’s and J.K. Rowling’s writing manuscripts that they’ve been wanting to start, finish or edit every year. I’ve always thought it to be an incredible challenge but I’m not a novelist. I’m a content marketer, focusing most of my writing efforts on blogs, press releases, emails and sales pages. I’d love to write a book one day, but it’s definitely going to be a book about marketing or possibly self-help for entrepreneurs.

So this is what I decided. I’ve gotten the name Chancellor of Challenges from a dear friend because I challenge myself and my audience to do marketing challenges just about every month of the year. This month, November 2017, I am pushing myself and my tribe, the #poppingandpaid community on Facebook to:

Write a minimum of 1,000 words of content, or record AND schedule the publishing of 15-20 minutes of video or audio content a day EVERY day in November.

Goal: 50,000 words OR 500 minutes of audio or video content for the month.

This will be great for books, blogs, guest posts, podcasts, email marketing, press releases, social media,multimedia content etc.

If you want to join along, there’s nothing to it but to do it. I’ll be dropping helpful and encouraging tips for content creation INSIDE the Out There October portal so be sure to sign up now.

By the time you’re done with this challenge, you will have enough content technically to power your biz content marketing through 2018. Write it, schedule the distribution, and let it work for you. If you blog, share it to your social media channels. Also share to our group, tag me @Jasmine Powers and use the hashtags #nacocreamo and #poppingandpaid. I’ll share as many as I can to put your visibility on BLAST.


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