Content is king, so you’ve heard. Did you know that having your resume, cover letters, bios, media kits, press releases, sponsorship packages, online profiles, website copy, or social media content written poorly is the number one reason you are getting No’s and less than ideal results? How important is changing that for you? Are the stakes high enough that you are willing to call in the big dogs to help you out?

If you’re like any one of the women that registered for the Get Your Money-Write! webinar on resumes and cover letters, you may be out of work, looking for a new job opportunity, or simply seeking information on how to optimize your writing in order to secure new opportunities. In each instance, you are looking to improve your chances by revising your approach OR you are looking to hand off the work, the research, the spell-checking and editing to someone else.

The GET YOUR MONEY-WRITE! service is AD Omnimedia’s solution for those seeking to have their money-making content pieces written, reviewed and designed by experts in the sponsorship, sales and communications fields. Having a partner in these areas can make the difference in trying to do it yourself, and doing it wrong, and passing it off to someone with a track record of winning proposals, interviews, sponsors and clients all with professionally written content that appeals to the reader and that positions you for Yeses and toward the bank deposit slip.

Got questions? Here’s some answers:

What’s different about GET YOUR MONEY-WRITE! than the other stuff you do? The difference with this service is that I have hired a slew of writers who are more apt in your field than I am because we all know that I am not omnipresent or all knowing. Also, rather than being a solution for writing all content, this service primarily focuses on developing the kinds of content that is expressly used to win sponsors, clients and media attention. That’s it and that’s all.

Are we a public relations agency? No, we are a multi-channel marketing agency and media relations is only part of the puzzle. If you need more support, go here to see what other services we have and tell us about your project.

Do you write sponsorship packages and then provide sponsorship sales on contingency? Yes, we write sponsorship packages and yes, we provide sponsorship sales with the partnership that we have with The Hunting Group. We do not provide sponsorship work on contingency because we are experts and work fervently and tap valuable relationships to help you secure sponsorships regardless of if you receive monetary and in-kind sponsorships or not. Also, just an FYI, some of the reasons sponsors don’t bite has to do with timing of your event, the value and relevance of your property to them, and other factors outside of our control, so we work for you as your contractors doing work you’ve outsourced to us. P.S. We’re really good at helping you overcome those challenges so we’re worth more than our weight in gold.

What about resumes and cover letters? Can you do that? We can indeed but want to assure you that none of our work is hands-off or el cheapo. We’ll need to do some consulting and digging to find the nuggets we need to present in order to help your resume and cover letter shine and we work really hard with you over the course of some days or weeks to make sure you have the best resume for your experience, skill set and goals.

I hate social media. Can you do it for me so I don’t sound like a rambling idiot or sleezy car salesman? Yep Yep like Teddy. Across the board, we are experts at communication so we do a mix of content development, curation and real-time engagement. We also have some tools up our sleeve that helps us stand apart from your run of the mill social media addicts, offering you training, reporting and suggestions on how to make your overall business better and in turn, a better foundation from which we can launch an awesome social media strategy. We do this for our livelihood and help others increase their livelihood. : )

If you have more questions or needs, fill out our form. If you are ready to roll and change the game with your content, press that big ol’ button below!

Help me get my money, WRITE for me!