Seamless leather textureBack in 2005, the man of my dreams, so I thought, moved away from Los Angeles to New York. Weeks later, and to my surprise, he emailed me with a link to his new website that had pictures and stories of his new and noteable experiences. It was a blog hosted on Blogger. I stopped loving him and fell in love with the platform, using Blogger to write a blog called The Jasmine Chronicles about my tumultuous love life, Greg the boring yet visually appealing Adonis and every other goofy thing I could think about.



And then there was my discovery of Constant Contact which I used to send out newletters from my newer blog Ugly Girl Activism, an empowerment site geared towards unconventional artsy types into personal and professional development.

And then there was the UP blog which was a new iteration of Ugly Girl Activism because some people didn’t want to be considered “Ugly” by association, although they loved the content.

Thinking back, I wonder why I never had a boss who was turned off by the idea that I blogged on the clock. They all knew and they thought it was cool too. One coworker at a POP advertising company I worked for even would suggest music and articles to write about. Another friend at my gig on 39th street near Bryant Park circa 2007 was fascinated at my internet and creative savvy and how I leveraged what I learned from blogging and internet marketing tactics to do creative, affiliate marketing and earn a few ducats and other perks. In fact, the affiliate manager approved me to be an affiliate of the company so I could host ads on my site.

It was a long and exciting love story and it continues to be. I still have a lot to learn, a lot of areas to grow in and a lot more money to make from writing valuable information that makes people addicted to learning at my virtual feet and that positions me as an influencer with mutually profitable relationships.

I’m a student of life, a student of art and a student of being the best content developer my happy brown, tall, sexy self can be. I want you to have the same eagerness to excel at your craft, to optimize it, to allow it to serve your needs, whether they are business marketing needs or the need for some free product and cold cash.

There are a million gazillion other blogging resources and classes-Copyblogger Media is one that I love-and other, more popular and successful bloggers teaching some of the same things I will. The thing that sets me aside is ME, essentially. No one can break down blogging and content development quite how I break it down, from the nitty to the gritty, the roota to the toota, and introduce you to the full scope of how to be consistent, keep content fresh and versatile, down to how to market not only your blog but sell yourself, and diversify the products your create and the streams of income you have, so that within a matter of weeks or months you can attract more of what YOU think is valuable.

Blogging only after a few months on a new subject afforded me a speaking opportunity for African Pride during Essence Music Festival. Blogging attracted celebrity clients. Blogging served as the basis for the bustling Ambitious Diva online community. Blogging afforded me monetary and product event sponsorships with no out of pocket cost for the Love & Beauty Unconference in 2012 and helped me secure sponsorships from Beautiful Textures and Nothing But for natural hair meetups in eight cities as part of my very on Grand Marshal Ambassador program. Blogging led to my most profitable speaking opportunities and affiliations including board membership at IWOSC, advisory work for Duke Media Foundation, ambassadorship for Blogalicious, and training many others in social media marketing with residual earnings from resulting clients. Blogging gave me additional practical experience in internet marketing needed to earn money as a copywriter and ghostwriter. Blogging helped me earn my full-time income for the last four years of being self-employed.

Blogging isn’t a one size fits all kinda thing, just like one strategy can’t be the only strategy. I just happen to think my strategy works because I’m a big-picture thinker and unafraid to go all out to see the things I work on get a LOT of attention. I suppose that makes me a blogging ham and attention seeking narcissist. Maybe, but other than driving attention to your fledgling business, cause, or content, what other reasons would you want to be a Power Blogger? I dunno.

If you want some more information on how you can upstage your peers in the blogosphere (oh, that rhymed and yes, my alter ego is an MC), be sure to invest in the 8-module kick-your-butt-into gear course covering content development, creating a media and sponsorship kit that sells and how to diversify your income.

I love working with Jasmine for her creativity, sense of humor and breadth of knowledge. I needed someone to help keep me on a marketing schedule so that I can regularly stay top of mind with my clients. She also gave me great ideas for blog topics that were especially relevant to my business. I’m sure I will have occasion to work with Jasmine again.

Dr. Darnise Martin

Relationship and Spirituality Coach