You have clients. You make money in your business (some, at least). You are the envy of your peers who all come to you for advice to help them start their businesses. You are traveling, you are speaking, you are developing trainings (or want to) but there’s a nagging doubt that people want what you have or will pay your price.

Your people:

• Are in your inbox asking questions and not expecting to pay

• Are coming to you but cash flow is inconsistent

• Are loving your content but aren’t buying into your offers

It’s time for better; a better product and a better process for getting you the money you deserve on a consistent, ongoing basis.


On Saturday, April 27, 2019, Jasmine Powers, Marketing Fangirl, digital marketing and brand strategist at Jasmine Powers Multimedia, will get your business life together at the OUT THERE MARKETING LIVE 2019 event in New Orleans!

There, you will:

• Tighten up your target market and BIG MONEY MESSAGING so that your content, ads and sales processes are tight and right

• Plan your CONTENT-TO-CASH strategy so you know what to create when, where and at what price level so people move from fans to paying customers

• Understand FACEBOOK AD basics so you stop sinking money and giving up before you see big results

• Map out your sales process so that you go beyond marketing and CONVERT LEADS into loyal, raving, eager-to-pay clients

In this 6-hour intensive, you, your fellow OUT THERE businesses and Jasmine are going to put in WORK, pulling together the things you need to really shift your business to one that performs optimally for your continued success.


• Burning out and not seeing substainable results in your business.

• Accepting clients that stress you out just because you need the money

• Handling marketing and sales so haphazardly that your audience goes to your competitors

• Telling yourself that you’re going to quit and go back to work because you’re just frustrated and don’t think that you can win in your business


JAZZx Live Talks where volunteer attendees perform a 5-minute talk that will be livestreamed and recorded for practice, social proof and a live promotional opportunity.

Live$tream: Use Live Video To Market Your Way To Cash

Other sessions:

Easy Media Bootcamp will show attendees how to build a simplified public relations program using best practices to land media attention.

Intake & Discovery Masterclass

WHAT PEOPLE ARE SAYING: sales training to help attendees identify qualified clients and create a customized sales process used to close and onboard clients.

Jasmine helped me to position my She is B.A.E. Summit Tour™. She opened my eyes to realize the power of my product & the many ways it can be offered. I really learned the power of branding & to think outside the box. This girl is awesome!“-LaJanee Alford.

Jasmine, I loved this [training]! The assignments were just what I needed to jumpstart my business. This was so helpfulin moving me from hobby to an actual business. I love your support and encouragement! You are so needed and appreciated!‘-Kristin M. Young.

Jasmine is like a ray of light! I had been struggling with making sure the back end of my business was running smoothly, there by allowing me to work more efficiently and gain more clients. Jas really knows her stuff!“-Tiffani Hunt.

She told me what to do to grow my business almost every time we talked. Because of what she told me to do, I can afford so more stuff I’d been waiting to get because I’m #poppingandpaid.“-Anetra Henry-Hunting.

I’m so happy I took the plunge and invested into my business by joining the program. I could tell that Jasmine was authentically interested in helping me. She saw my potential and created a tailored approach for my business. I loved working with her because she held my accountable, introduced me to a number of tools to help improve my productivity, and most importantly kept me uplifted when things were not so easy. She made it easy to take actionable steps in an area that I was previously overwhelmed in. I would recommend Jasmine to any entrepreneur looking to elevate their business to the next level!“-Teaira Abston.

Meet us in New Orleans for this incredible execution focused do-it-with-you intensive. All this is going to happen with the Southern hospitality of being in a cozy, private home with good southen cooking, good music and quiet time to focus and pull together the vision for your next level of business. If you like good conversation, supportive sisterfriends, and good belly laughter, you’ll love what is in store at the Out There Marketing LIVE 2019!

Won’t you come? Your presence is eagerly anticipated!

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