NEW ORLEANS, LA — New Orleans has no shortage of startup accelerators with organizations like Propeller, Camelback Ventures, Good Work Network, Fund 17 and Idea Village guiding companies in different industries through ideation and scale. Still, several New Orleans business owners are operating entirely offline, not because they want to but because they don’t have the resources or tech knowledge to build a website or manage digital marketing tools.

This is where Jasmine Powers and her new educational series The Bomb DOTCOM comes in. Powers had taught workshops for and worked with clients of several of the local accelerators. Following that and as a member of the SCORE New Orleans Regional Chapter, she began to notice that while most clients came for marketing insight, the real challenge was a lack of literacy around online resources including website builders, domains and hosting, social media and advertising platforms to establish a viable online business or online presence for a brick-and-mortar operation. To make things more challenging for entrepreneurs, she started being contacted directly for websites and digital marketing services that were also cost-prohibitive for many of those she’d met.

To make tech education accessible and empower New Orleans residents to establish and run online businesses and maximize their web presence, she started the The Bomb DOTCOM services. She meets with entrepreneurs virtually, at her home office or through workshops around the city. The latest workshop, scheduled Monday, March 25, 2019 at the start of New Orleans Entrepreneur Week, is called I Need A Website Planning Session, and will take attendees through platform options, content planning, and creating a user flow so attendees can walk away with a creative brief to take to a designer or to use as a plan as they build their own websites.

Powers states: “Today’s business requires an online presence but when small businesses are bootstrapping, DIY becomes the best method for doing so. Helping people in a classroom setting learn to DIY their websites or learn simplified digital marketing strategies is an option that makes the most sense.”

The I Need A Website Planning Session is free to attend. For more information and to register, visit


Jasmine Powers is a New Orleans-based digital marketing strategist and corporate trainer helping companies master communication strategy and marketing technology.

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