Crafting the perfect press release can be daunting. Making sure your news, tone and distribution is right can cause anxiety because you want the most visibility and for your news to reach everyone who needs it so that you can attract new business leads, investors, event attendees or app users. Sharing your release with the RIGHT media outlets can make or break the success of your news getting into the right hands.

Should you only rely on emailing journalists, producers, or editors? No. During the SCORE presentation, I mentioned that one of the biggest keys to hobnobbing with other news outlets is to be a news outlet yourself. When you publish to a blog or social media, do email marketing, record a podcast or livestream, you are a multimedia content producer. This means that YOU are the news. This is why social MEDIA became the channel brands used to distribute album releases, movie premieres, company launches and other major updates. No longer did people have to wait for big publications to break their story.

This means that while you employ third-party media outlets like daily news shows, magazines, newspapers, blogs and other channels to distribute your press releases, YOU need to also publish your press releases and other updates about your business on your own media channels. Craft your press release and publish it to your blog, email it to your newsletter subscribers, record a livestream on Facebook and Instagram about it, and share updates across your Twitter and LinkedIn accounts.


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All these tools are free, public, sharable and available for you to distribute your news to interested people who are connected to you. The added bonus is that on occasion, outlets have picked up stories that someone else have published on a personal or business blog or social media account.

So this means you can take your news into your own hands and make sure that the world knows about your amazing product, service or event!

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