Do You Need In-Kind or Monetary Sponsors?

Next Thursday, December 6 at 8pm CST, I’m going roll out a new two hour masterclass called Ready For Sponsors to help you court and close corporate sponsorships for your events next year!

Because my events in LA, Oakland, Brooklyn and New Orleans were paid for in part or completely bankrolled by brand partners.

  • One of my sponsors not only covered all my expenses so that I could give away free tickets, but she was the keynote speaker of the event.
  • Two of my sponsors, sponsored EIGHT OTHER events because of their relationship with me.
  • One of my sponsors went on to make sure I was paid as a host of one of their events.
  • One of my sponsors flew to every city where I had an event because they sponsored all of them.
  • Another one of my sponsors took a call from me and by sheer value of her relationship with me became the title sponsor of one of the most popular blogging conferences for women.

So, do you get where I am going with this?

In each of these cases, sponsorship started with something very accessible to us all: Relationships and providing value for businesses.

But how can you position your brand for giving value?

What things are sponsors looking for?

When and how should you be putting out your sponsor proposals? (HINT: Now.)

How do you get in touch with the right folks to cut the checks, support your programming, and provide attendee gifts?

How can you earn money or other opportunities as an affiliate or ambassador of brands even BEFORE you need sponsor help?

My Ready For Sponsors training will cover all of that.

Who is this for:

  • People who publish content and/or produce events regularly
  • People who teach or otherwise influence focused groups of people
  • People who are good with giving as much as they are with receiving (and want to receive MONEY and FREE PRODUCTS)

Who this is not for:

  • People who can’t commit to dates or venues
  • People who aren’t self-motivated or don’t have the capacity to do outreach
  • People who aren’t dependable or honest with themselves, brands, their vendors or their audience (we all know folks with those bloated numbers and the event is a flop and nobody’s happy)
  • People who aren’t ready to plan, deliver and repeat an amazing experience for everyone involved

If you are looking to do an event within the next three months to a year (the more time the merrier…and cash heavier), then register for Ready For Sponsors for for $49.

Get in. Get money.

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