Email lists enable you to follow up with people who have given you permission to share more of what they are interested in. It allows you to follow up on people who may not have been able to move through with a purchase immediately, but who want to be notified of new product offers. Also, it give you a chance to build thought leadership and teach subscribers something that will simplify their lives and ultimately prime them for the sale. All of this is called Lead Nurturing.

However, what happens if they don’t subscribe at all? Well this week, I’ve started sharing methods on developing an awesome lead capture, or as I’m calling it, an EPIC OPTIN! Over the next few days, catch a video series geared toward structuring an opt-in strategy that supports your marketing and product promotions. Tune in to the videos Monday June 4, 2018 to Friday, June 8, 2018 to at 6pm to start building your first (OR ANOTHER) epic opt-in on Facebook.

Catch the kick-off video here:


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