Last week, I shared how you could make $2K in a week. That’s all gravy if you actually have an offer ready and leads to talk to. How do you get there?

Well, last week, I did a few of the things I mentioned in the video. I identified a high priority offer, I reached out to people I had spoken to in the past and I delivered excellent results for existing clients and got up-sells on the projects I was working on. But there are so many other people that I can stand to be in touch with and serve. All it takes is generating qualified leads.

This week, May 28-June 1, I will be publishing a video series called Lead Week. For the next FIVE DAYS, my goal for Lead Week is to share activities and tools that can help you generate leads for your business. It’s enough to be a content marketer and a thought leader, but there are strategies to drum up your business by shifting to activities that matter.

Tune into Lead Week every evening at 6pm Central starting tomorrow on my Facebook page to catch videos on how to amp up your leadgen.


To help you generate more leads for your business, I’ve also set up a ADVERTISING CLUB to teach you how to setup, optimize and convert paid advertising on Facebook, Google and LinkedIn. Members of the club will also get access to a private group called Popping & Paid Traffic Club and can get one ad set up on each of the aforementioned platforms. This is in addition to access to an online course showing you HOW to run ads yourself.

So you learn and can get practical help so that you don’t waste ad spend and can GENERATE LEADS and make money.

I typically charge $1,500 to setup and manage ads, but you can get access to the Popping & Paid Traffic club from now until the rest of the year, with all the course updates including how to run ads using Facebook, Adwords and LinkedIn (do you have pixels for each of those on your website? No? Okay.) for $97 for our Lead Week special! Promotion ends Friday at 11:59 p.m.

With all these resources available to you, you have NO excuse than to be Loaded With Leads!

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