The Critical Need For Belief | Jasmine Powers | Marketing Fangirl | Sales and Marketing Consultant in New Orleans, LA The Critical Need For Belief | Jasmine Powers | Marketing Fangirl | Sales and Marketing Consultant in New Orleans, LA
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Three weeks ago, I upgraded my cell phone. Instead of 32 GB, now I have 64 GB. Where I once played the Russian Roulette of which photos and apps to delete so I can store something else on my phone, I can make videos, take pictures and download apps to my heart’s desire. More space, more opportunity.

That’s what I know belief does. Our previous experience teaches us that we have limits, 16 or 32 GB. Where we are right now is our biggest capacity. We have trouble processing more because we don’t have room. The only way to get more in is to delete something else. The negative thinking has to go.

The removal of the negative thoughts isn’t enough. It just allows a tad more in. Soon, we’re full, unable to move forward. We’re tired, burned out, can’t see our way out. Something’s got to give.

What this world suffers from as a whole is the chronic illness of disbelief. We have hope and vision as children, but disappointments, abuse, the ills of the world harden our hearts. We become somewhat and possibly completely disillusioned, and our vision for something better seems like a contrived Rodgers and Hammerstein story. However, what I’ve observed in talking to hundreds of people about their beliefs, it is clear that people can believe ANYTHING. It all boils down to where their sponge of a mind was dipped.

This is what gives marketing and advertising it’s edge. Brand provide the environment that educates a person to believe a certain way about products and services. If you hear a certain brand is #1 enough, you begin to associate that brand with excellence, enough if there’s no data backing that claim.

When it comes to a belief in OURSELVES, a belief that we are capable of incredible things and that we have an assignment to accomplish those things even if they are outstandingly beyond our current awareness and know how, most are sorely lacking. Most people merely exist. Hope is gone. They don’t believe they have power over much of their present condition.

If we could believe anything–from belief in the Loch Ness Monster, to aliens, or a deity–we could absolutely believe we can have the love, security, finances, family, and peace that we want. Coupling a seemingly unreasonable belief with an aligning action, seemingly impossible things begin to happen. Just like unnecessary files, negative thinking–or any thinking, decisions, or actions that work in opposition to our goals–takes up space in our minds and belief. There is NO ROOM FOR NEGATIVE THINKING IN A MIND OF OUTSTANDING BELIEF.

Let us not subtract from our possibilities by thinking or doing anything other than what is necessary to keep moving forward. We have a choice of two beliefs. Choose the one that is for your greatest and most beneficial existence.

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