Recently, it dawned on me that we’re approaching teaching thought leaders incorrectly. How can thought leadership start with simply publishing videos and 10,000 word thought pieces? Many want to make a name for themselves, create viral content, shift perceptions and/or drive leads. Yet, they’re sharing information that’s been said before and the only difference is the deliverer.

However, before the first piece of content packaging a groundbreaking, mind blowing, world changing idea can happen, a person has to observe, form a belief and test its validity. They also should be vocal in sharing NEW ideas and not regurgitated, stale and possibly inaccurate ones that make them sound like an ill-informed parrot.

It’s people who have distinct views that create disruption. Disruption is noisy, loud, thought-provoking. They aren’t saying the same stuff as everyone else because what would make followers take note aside from superficial preferences around personal branding?

So when you’re doing your content plans, jot down your core beliefs. Present your arguments. Share your enlightened ideas. Don’t simply share how-to’s, case studies or quotes from the latest startup founder. Actually think a thing of your own, publish, and amplify it.

That’s how you become a thought leader.

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