Digital Marketers: Is there anyone fighting the cause AGAINST email marketing, or who thinks the argument “you own your list, not third-party platforms” isn’t necessarily a good one?

I’m really beginning to question the value of email marketing as far as costs, impact and management. Automation is great but impersonal, even with segmenting and personalization.  The adage “the money is in the list” is true but it’s also in direct sales and follow up, especially on big accounts with complex sales processes.

I predict groups, direct messages and SMS will replace the need for email or at least severely limit the need for them. Or, maybe I should say that I HOPE that’s what it does. Why?

Even with a large list, only a small percentage converts. Cost can become prohibitive, they are one way messages, they are often not sent as much as they should to make any lasting impact to your bottom line, and it’s one more thing you have to do to stay in contact with people who have spam filters and are already subscribed to a million other lists.

I hope that community building beats out email marketing as the way to create a tribe of people that care about your brand, as the way to service your audience, and as the way to be incredibly high-touch and interactive. It would also eliminate the need for both a social media and email marketing staff, even if there are multidisciplinary marketers who can handle it all.

I might be making the move to delete my email list or at least move to Mailchimp where I can get a free list and ONLY collect emails the one time for the sole purpose of inviting people to my community. From there, I can push all my marketing messages and interface with the people who love me most within a group.

What do you think? Are we simply being told SAAS marketing messages masked as absolute truth selling email marketing, the same way as we were told social media would  replace traditional, blogging guaranteeing floods of leads with its inbound marketing superpowers and chatbots being the way of the future?

Don’t get me wrong. EVERY channel has some value, but are there ways we can flip our strategy on its head and get better results? After all, doing the same thing over and over and expecting a different result is insane.

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