Want to make your content marketing and social media marketing a little easier? Listen up.

Twitter is one of my favorite platforms, because it’s OPEN. No one has request to be my friend to see my content and I get to choose who to follow so I don’t see things I’m not interested in (this is what I like about Facebook pages as well). It’s also a place where a lot of real business interactions are happening, because it’s made for really cool, quick interaction, like chat rooms of the 90’s.

I don’t have as much time for it so how do I stay present there?


Think Zapier, IFTTT and some of the native integration features like LinkedIn’s ability to post to Twitter, Facebook’s ability to share content directly to Twitter, Instagram, your WordPress blog if you use Jetpack— same thing. Also, there’s a handy little thing called RSS feeds that you can leverage from your favorite sources to curate industry news. Lastly, if you’re using Buffer, Hootsuite, Klout, Quuu or another service, you can set up some automation to make your Twitter sing, with both original and curated content.

I recommend that you choose one primarily platform to publish your content, but integration and automation will help keep you active and market for you!

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