This post contains an affiliate link so I can earn my extra budget for po boys and daiquiris.

WOAH, woah, woah! Hold all the way up! All you social media marketers using everything BUT official IG partners to post to clients IG accounts could be putting those accounts at risk. You knew that already.

Buffer has a lame integration that merely REMINDS you when you push an Instagram update live. Grum offers a scheduling solution, but it only publishes to Instagram which sucks if you are managing other social profiles.

STOP THE PRESSES! Tailwind, famous for being one of the first apps to allow you to schedule on Pinterest JUST announced that they are now allowing you to SCHEDULE AND PUBLISH your Instagram posts through the app. They are an official Instagram partner with a fully integrated solution so you can do that photoshoot, upload all your pictures for the next month and then go chill somewhere pretty. If you are managing Pinterest and Instragram accounts and want to try out Tailwind to schedule and publish posts PLUS have access to an incredible analytics dashboard to monitor your social efforts, check it out using my link now.  #affiliate

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