I had to ask myself this question when it came to my social media and content marketing:

Is what you’re talking about how you help paid clients? 

This is critical because a lot of what is popular on social media specifically isn’t how we help people. Now stories are cool. They may even be an entry point for your next clients. And if you’re an influencer teaching beauty products on YouTube, you’ll probably not be teaching the startup that needs help with growing their channel beauty tips.

For the rest of us, however, the small businesses, the coaches, the consultants, the creatives and professional service providers–we need to be creating content about what we do and how we serve, what we think about the state of our industry, sharing insights from respected thought leaders that our clients want to hear from, even sharing case studies and tutorials.

Everything else is cool, in good measure and in the context that some of our work will involve books and motivational speaking. Otherwise, create the content that your people need to have success or a solution to their problems.

Who is your target market?

When I ask that, typically people will answer with demographic details. Women entrepreneurs who are 25-34. That’s a crowd, not a client. Who is the ONE client who:

1) Needs and wants what you have

2) Has the revenue and budget to pay for what you have

3) You enjoy serving.

Whoever you have in mind, make that the person you’re building every service, piece of content, your processes around serving. Sure, you’ll treat each client as an individual and flesh out your understanding of your clients needs, but you’ll start to see that you’re serving a very specific group of individuals that reflect the needs of your best client. Hone in on developing products, services, marketing and advertising for the one person that you do your absolute best work for. So who is your best client?

Starting there will help you craft content that will shorten your sales cycle and attract the absolute best people to you. Here’s a content planning guide to help.

Start creating content with the #poppingandpaid community when you participate in National Content Creation Month. Start now!

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