This month, my #poppingandpaid community is joining me in my National Content Creation Month campaign to write 50,000 words or record 500 minutes of audio or video. Some expressed they didn’t know what to create so I came up with 45 blog topic ideas to help my winners create their content this month.

This list is mostly to stir up other ideas that may be more appropriate for the creators industry and goals, since these span across B2B and B2B in nature. In the end, leverage FAQs, Pinterest or social media to inspire the kind of content that you want to create for your platforms.

Check these out:

  1. What’s big in the news about your industry and what do you feel about it?
  2. What is your workflow or process for (insert your own)?
  3. What are the biggest mistakes people are making?
  4. What are the best resources for doing (insert your own)?
  5. What tech tools do you use for your marketing?
  6. How did you grow your social media account?
  7. How can people save money on basic business expenses?
  8. How can you marketing
  9. What are the best ways a person can remain organized?
  10. How can people overcome fear?
  11. What can people do when they face illness or other setbacks?
  12. What’s your opinion on the latest celebrity gossip, if there’s a way to spin it into a lesson for your audience?
  13. What can you do if you failed to reach a goal?
  14. What are some ways a person can drive traffic to their website?
  15. What are some beauty tips you can share for this season?
  16. What are some considerations a person can make when they are defining their brand?
  17. How can a person attract love, money and a life they want?
  18. How can you get over being a hater?
  19. How can you narrow down your focus, or niche? Should you?
  20. How to get over feeling like a fraud?
  21. What can you do if your family discourages you from pursuing your dreams?
  22. How can you run a business while traveling?
  23. How can you get over earning plateaus?
  24. What can you do to build an online community?
  25. How can you find a good virtual assistant?
  26. What process did you go through to trademark?
  27. What tips do you have for someone selling their home?
  28. How can a person find a good realtor?
  29. What legal considerations should a small business make?
  30. How does color psycology affect buyers?
  31. How did you make (insert your own)
  32. How can you plan for quitting your job?
  33. How can you find a job?
  34. How can you use Twitter, LinkedIn, Facebook, Instagram, etc, for marketing?
  35. What are the best travel destinations for couples, kids, singles, etc.?
  36. How can you choose the best (insert your profession)?
  37. How can you protect your energy?
  38. How can you style your hair for a party?
  39. What should you wear on a date?
  40. How can you start cutting calories?
  41. What desserts should you eat if you have diabetes?
  42. What are some cool fall activities for kids?
  43. How can people in your industry get insurance?
  44. What are 5 ways to hack difficult paperwork?
  45. What are the best artists to listen to when you’re working out?
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