Sometimes, people say things that make you go, “Hmmm….No.” This evening while scrolling my Facebook page, a friend shared a video where Sprinkle of Jesus founder Dana Chanel gives her thoughts on empowerment events, saying that she wasn’t impressed and that she aims to help women in business since she’s not confident that there’s other marketing and business information elsewhere, to paraphrase. There is a full video but this is how I received what she shared to the page. To be clear, I reserve that I may not have the full context or understand the intent. It just sounded like there was no one who was sharing valuable resources because of people’s desire to keep from creating competition.

Interestingly enough, there was someone who asked me earlier this year to share my thoughts on why black women don’t support other black women in business. I couldn’t make the video from that standpoint because that had NEVER been my experience. Adding to that, not only have black women poured into my business (and baby, they poured), both women and men from different ethnic groups have shared endless amount of resources with me. I may be privileged but I don’t think this is an experience exclusive to me.

While I won’t recount a list of everyone I know who provide incredible sales, marketing and operations strategy, I decided to create a list of the resources that I know from two or three scrolls up my Facebook timeline.

Here’s my list of 25 sales, marketing and business strategist you should follow:

  1. Arsha Jones  Jones is the founder of, Capitol City Mambo Sauce and Brand Build + Launch. Her BB+L Facebook group now hosts regular FB Lives, is teeming with almost 28K members at last check, and shares all things ecommerce, including her free course on email marketing.
  2. Audria Richmond  Periscope queen, photographer, web designer and all things marketing, Richmond is a published author of two books, an agency owner, and lives up to her name of marketing genius. 
  3. Laurie Rivers A friend of almost 10 years, Wheeler is a creative empath who has reached into the bottom of the pits and pulled me out several times when I’ve had issues in my own business. A master at international business, author, educator and supreme tribe builder, Rivers’ real stand out gift is her training on sales strategy.
  4. Deena Brown Leadership guru, Brown, is trained by John Maxwell. She helps owners like us operate in our genius and move the people we serve. She also helps clients to have cohesive audio and video.
  5. Brandy Butler One word: Powerhouse. Butler uncovers the issues inhibiting business growth and provides practical sales and product creation strategies to overcome them.
  6. Natalie Gouche Social media and email marketing consultant, Natalie Gouche teaches workshops (and even how to rock those) to help small businesses and corporations start approaching these things strategically.
  7. Anetra Henry Hunting Both from the corporate and the property side, Henry Hunting helps people master strategic relationships and event marketing so they can have a trackable ROI for their sponsorship programs.
  8. Andrea Magee If you hate MLMs, network marketers and direct sales professionals, thank Magee for showing these professionals how not to spam, and instead properly use digital marketing to attract buyers.
  9. TeeJ Mercer If you want to get in the media without hiring a publicist, Mercer is your go-to expert. She’s an author who can also help you land your own reality TV show.
  10. Amber Wright  Author, speaker and writer extraordinaire, Amber Wright is who you absolutely should talk to if your About page and bio sucks or you need to learn how to confidently speak.
  11. R’chelle Mullens Content is king and Mullens is the queen you need to hire if your sales pages need to effectively communicate your value.
  12. Latisha Styles Want to run a Facebook ad? Have a sales funnel? Use Clickfunnels? Okay, then you need to check out what Styles has to offer. Her video ads are captivating and give you a clue on what she can do for you.
  13. Kim McCarter Sales funnel expert and group go-to McCarter always offers the quintessential answer to change how you’re thinking about business.
  14. Akilah Thompkins-Robinson Also known to me as Kee Money, Thompkins-Robinson is an expert on SEO strategy, web development and vending for online boutique owners. Her online groups, Pincurl Conversations, Blueprint and Vault are an endless supply of online business incredibleness. She’s my go to business advisor.
  15. Lakshmia Ferba Tools, tips and tricks boss, Ferba offers insights in her Facebook group and provides done for you web design services.
  16. Alaia Williams The most organized social media marketing, event producing and snarky influencer and At The Helm national conference leader. Listen to her interview here.
  17. Tani Chambers If you want to land media or you want to network with other business women at business meetups, Tani Chambers is a long time champion for business branding and masterminds to help female entrepreneurs profit and live their best lives.
  18. Danielle Leslie This woman made $25K selling her course on Instagram alone. Nuff said. Except, she also has a podcast with design maven Krystle Rowry.
  19. Rohan Gilkes Serial entrepreneur, case study king, and one of the most successful YET outstandingly transparent business leaders of our time. Listen to his interview here.
  20. Tajuana Ross LinkedIn what? For those who still have a blank or underperforming LinkedIn profile, Ross will help optimize it and the strategy behind making the best use of it.
  21. Rochelle Sodipo Washington The designer behind my brand identity, multipassionate creative and dope as (what???) visual designer is a national treasure. Washington educates on communicating your brand values with THE BEST livestreams and consulting. 
  22. Kimberly Marie Clements A unicorn who focuses on design and development of beautiful websites and brand identity for creative female entrepreneurs blogs, She livestreams about marketing and branding is also responsible for my home page makeover.
  23. B. Michelle Pippin So many focus exclusively on marketing but when new clients come to us, we don’t know how to sell. Pippin will help you prospect and close the deal.
  24. Lakeisha Singletary Livestream boss and truly an incredible resource for Facebook ads and other digital marketing strategy, Singletary runs an LA based agency serving major contracts.
  25. Kishshana Palmer Nonprofits and social enterprises that want to serve the world come to Palmer for recruiting strategy and help with positioning their organizations for funding. She also has the gift of writing incredible copy, penning landing pages, web content and helping people with brand messaging. Check out my chat with her here.

HONORABLE MENTION: Curtiss King. While not targeting women, this music marketing expert shares motivation billed as Curtspirations and relevant tips to help rappers and music producers sell more beats without randomly dropping links in our Soundcloud or IG inboxes. He interviewed me here.

As you can see, there is no shortage of resources for female entrepreneurs to get marketing assistance. Whether you’re looking for coaching or consulting, make a list of what kind of help you need and reach out to any of the above resources. Tell them I sent you!

Need a marketing and sales strategy? Book some time with me here to see if I’m a fit.

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