Sometimes I do this thing where I take screenshots of who I think my ideal client looks like, and then say, What does SHE want? For another business that was geared towards millennials who love social media, I asked What does HE want? I took other screenshots of locations they’d like to visit, food experiences they’d enjoy, other personal interest that grab their attention.

Then I build FOR them. The thing to remember is you can build FOR one group and other groups will be attracted. For example, Tommy Hilfiger wasn’t for us. But hip hop got a hold on it and the rest was history. McDonald’s marketing is for ethnic families. From the beginning, they’ve been dropping the G off to sound more black (I’m lovin it). But everybody and their mom eats McDonald’s (not really, some don’t like eating fried yoga mats).

But for example if I was your target person, and from my public post you determine I am a foodie, I like versatility with my hair, I am single, love my family, you could go from there and pick what you think my car is (dream car Black BMW coup), restaurants I would be caught in, clothes that I wear, aspirations and so forth. Then based on real or composite data about people like me, build your product, marketing message and service around the things I like, the values I stand for and desires I have.

What usually happens is we build the product and try to force other people into it and it never was for them, it was for us and what we desire.

Another process: Conduct dope discovery calls and note observations and build based on data that was given you straight from your ideal clients mouth. Don’t build another product unless the priority for having that thing or that process is high in your ideal persons mind.

Market research and product development go hand in hand and once you get this right, marketing is MUCH easier.

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