This question came by means of a consulting peer. Her friend, an IT consultant was looking to make $25K in four weeks, but had no programs, no formal business or anything to really be the foundation for selling online.

Immediately, I zeroed in on the fact that she doesn’t need those things to make $25K and that the money is the goal, not exactly HOW you get it. In four weeks, she could have totally pulled together and marketed a course, but I’m not certain it’s the best play for her field. So here’s what I suggested:

  • Land one IT consulting gig for $25k
  • 2-3 half day training workshops at corporationsShe doesn’t need programs, just a pitch deck and to reach out to her professional network and sell her solution. For the next four weeks though, she could record a few videos that explain a process and upload to Thinkific (week one), (week two) create her opt-in with form that has phone number, call people and sell her solution. No long funnels needed. (Week three) continue calls, also promote webinar that generates more leads to call, upsell course or onsite solutions (week four) keep closing.

(Disclaimer: This is without any solid knowledge of her skills, industry focus, or deep awareness of IT consulting as a whole.)

What I find is that we often go the round about way looking to set up courses and funnels and that’s a longer term play. If you need money right now, you need to be getting leads, contacting them, and sharing your solution. This can be online using ads and opt-ins, but it can and may very well be by LinkedIn social selling or making direct visits or calls.

Earlier this week, another FB friend asked what was the best way to do sales and of the things mentioned in responses was focusing on existing contacts and making drop by’s. Ironically, before I was penning this particular paragraph, there was a knock on the door from a lawn guy insisting that it was time for me to cut my grass. It was unannounced and albeit unwelcome, there was an apparent need that he was ready to solve. I’ve seen his work so I’m sure his drop by will result in him being my lawn care service provider. The truth is, in-person visits work.

So however the IT professional goes about it, her best play is to start touching people directly and presenting her services. I don’t know her sales skill or the strength of her background but if those things are on point, she absolutely could land $25K in business in the four weeks.

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