I used to be ashamed how terribly I was doing in my business. I was out here, admired and respected, but not being paid much, if at all, although I was an early thought leader on marketing and business in the black blogosphere.

What I find now, is that a lot of people share this shame, very popular, very respected, someone their peers aspire to be, yet even struggling in the industry they aim to help others with.

But here’s the thing. Marketing is not sales. Marketing is marketing and it can lead to sales but if you don’t focus attention on the activities that actually attract AND convert people, it will be a struggle.

Can I tell you a quick secret that helped me? Specific SALES coaching. How to prospect, how to capture leads, how to qualify, how to do a discovery call, how to close, how to get a payment after I got a verbal commitment, how to offer and suggest expanded services, how to deliver great service to retain existing customers.

That’s not marketing. That’s sales with a dash of service.

If you get marketing and you have a product with a longer sales cycle, learn HOW to sell. It will change your entire life.

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