So many of us work so hard at the EASY, CHEAP, MOST COMFORTABLE route that we get burned out and frustrated because going all-in on the path you convinced yourself you could avoid was actually the best path there.

This is why GRIT is the defining success trait. Not education level, not intellect, not an overabundance of financial resources. Some have all of that and are sitting stupid and stuck. But you, yes you, baby have the grit and mental fortitude to attack your goal by any means necessary, by any task necessary, by any hard, expensive, uncomfortable route necessary.

Some stuff just doesn’t have a shortcut. Instant gratification is only marketing propaganda and a dream. Let’s put in WORK!

P.S. Unfortunately this reality means most won’t make the final cut. The statement “he who endures to the end is the one that will be saved” applies to a lot more than spiritual salvation. Fix your mind that you’re going to be the one who DOES make it, who does run the race, overcome all hurdles, and see things to the finish line.