Hey guys, I am BETA testing a new service for those of you who get mentally stuck when it comes to marketing, course creation, ads, email marketing and webinars.

It will be a Online Money Engine, passive-income-in-a-box service, to setup your online course, membership and merch website so you finally get out of your head and get money into your wallet. My team will map out your course outline so that all you need to do is record it (the upgraded service will include in studio production of your course videos), your membership value offerings so that you don’t have to guess what you need to do each week or whether you’re giving too much or too little to command a recurring fee, and set up your branded merchandise so that you have the right products to generate you income and serve your clients more fully.

To explode your brand and generate massive leads, we will establish your personalized marketing plan including writing your email funnels, outlining your webinar, and run your Facebook ads.

This service will eventually be $50K-100,000K per client on retainer a minimum of 3 months for planning, product development and marketing deployment. However, I would like to build a few case studies to launch this in a large way in the new year.

I want to open this up for you to get in on the ground floor at $30K with a down payment of $10K to start (will be offering 15% savings for those paying in full). I’m looking for clients of diverse backgrounds so men, women and YOU are welcome to get in on this.

Let’s start a conversation at http://letstalk.jasminepowers.com.

Post any questions below as it will be helpful during the process of fully developing this solution.

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