Can I tell you something? The reason many are struggling is because they are monetizing trying to help people who are at the lower five figures make six figures, when they could make money providing services and education to help people who already making $100-350K (even into millions) in revenue to make or save more money.

If your people don’t have the resources to keep you on long enough to track growth and see results, it’s hard to get testimonials. They will say what they‘ve paid didn’t amount to anything mostly because they never FINISHED (i.e. as in a case of someone hiring a PR for a one off press release that flopped rather than doing ongoing campaigns). Or they are satisfied because you got them to a better place than where they were and they tell their friends, but you almost get typecast as the person who helps people with very limited resources this so there’s no way out of this terrible cycle unless you put a hard stop to it.

It takes the same amount of energy to sell low end solutions as it does high end. Many of you have A-1 presedential status branding, products and services. The only thing that needs to change is your belief, your non-biz cash flow (in the cases of those who feel compelled to charge low just to make ends meet; please side hustle your hustle rather than educating the world that you do $150 logos; P.S. I’ve done $150 logos, ugh), your prices and your target market. You may not niche how you help but niche who you help.

Pick out the exact person/s that meets your ideal status. I suggest a real person that you possibly even speak to, and profile from them. Then, if you really want to support those with smaller budgets, create digital, automated or highly scalable products to sell them AND/OR since you’re selling at scale partner with a company as a sponsor to monetize even further but allowing them to market to your audience (for example a $10 digital download sold to 3,500 people and you sell a sponsorship for $10K to do a campaign that puts a brand in front of those same people).

There are so many levels to this. So do the work to find your better way.

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