A few months back, I got a chance to chat with Rohan Gilkes, the admired serial entrepreneur known to “do it for the culture”, giving extremely detailed case studies that Redditors live for and for his controversial yet welcome Innclusive, an AirBnB competitor that opens up short-term rentals in homes where people of diverse backgrounds are welcome.

After a terrible experience with a host when trying to book a short-term rental, and had it cancelled. However, when a non-black friend attempted the booking, it was immediately accepted, for the exact same dates. He chronicled this experience in a Medium post that went viral and shortly thereafter, we heard of the first iteration of the company we now call Innclusive, a play on a “inn” and “inclusive”, the latter which we’d hope all suppliers of hospitality services would be.

Check out my talk with Rohan and learn about the journey to his entrepreneurial success.

Visit Innclusive at innclusive.com

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