Earlier this week, I discussed how we feel loyal to the people who keep us locked down to low prices, and how that resembles Stockholm syndrome.

I think it could very well be that we are so used to abuse and trying to convince abusive people to love us that it shows up in how we deal with client/customer crap.


It’s the same as leaving an abusive mate who still provides for you. You’re scared and don’t know how you’re going to survive without him. You might live in a shelter for a while and pick up a job until you get on your feet.


I just read a post where a potential client said “F you” when the person quoted their price. Look, we ain’t got time for these ignorant behind folks who don’t understand that ROI requires investment. And on an individual level, you have to figure out if you have these same sort of messed up mindset that isn’t fueled by a legitimate lack but rather your desire to save money, DIY, or get by without XYZ thing you need in your business because it may also be why you feel uncomfortable with upleveling your own business operation and clientele.

1. Stop wanting something for nothing.

2. Stop giving something for nothing.

3. There are 8 billion+ people in this world (let’s not get into other gifts and things you can monetize) and so you can’t get stuck on those who won’t buy what you have.

Change the product or change the people you’re targeting and often it’s easier to change the people.

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