Logic is safe. We rely on it to help us to make decisions, to avoid danger, to maintain structure. But when it comes to pricing and pursuing opportunities, logic, which tells us that because something always has happened a certain way for us that it always will be that way, keeps us from pivoting. Logic also tells us that because something makes sense to OUR little minds that it’s absolute truth. Its kind of like that guy who actually believes that he is the center of the universe, but everyone else knows that’s not the case. Logic is not absolute because we can literally be taught to believe anything.

Which brings us to your business. Logic tells you that you have to charge low prices to stay in business. That works for Walmart. It works for any business where volume allows it to keep it’s price low. In a team of one, as most of you are, it makes zero sense.

Logic also tells you that if you don’t have a degree that you can’t be successful. Audria Richmond told me yesterday, “Not one of my clients says, I love your designs, but let me see your degree.” We are taught, especially as people of color that higher education is our way to freedom. Advanced degrees have opened the way to soooo many incredible contributors in our community. But education, especially if it’s around a trade or marketable skill, can come outside of a degree program. That skill–hair styling, writing, automotive, coding, graphic and web design, singing–can lead to abundant cash flow.

Logic tells you that if you do things like other successful people do, that it will work for you. That this ONE way is the way to go. That if you charge $1K an hour, that you’re ridiculous because that’s not the “going rate”. But reality, that many times defies that safety net of logic is that some people make $1K or more a minute. Ask Ludacris.

It is high time that we put that “challenge everything” mentality to our own beliefs. There are barriers around how we can to what we want. We follow “proven formulas”, formulas that we absolutely should try if we don’t know anything and don’t have a path or any plan, but don’t ever see the possibilities above and beyond the confines of that particular way.

Logic will keep us from innovation and agility. Logic kills optimism or being opportunistic. Logic will keep you from taking risk or working harder than anyone you know to get what you want. Logic will keep you safe and comfortable. Logic will keep you stagnant and exactly where you are, even if you believe you want to be in a different situation.

I’ll leave you with this story. I was coming home from a Side Dish Soiree/Ambitious Diva lunch date in San Diego and stopped off the 15 at the Pala exit to get some gas. Apparently everybody needed gas because the gas station was full and I could barely pull in. I drove up and got in line. But I looked around trying to see if there was a better lane I could get in, one where someone was leaving and I could pull up because I was basically in line but still on the street, since it was so many cars. When I looked way to the left, look what I see, an ENTIRELY EMPTY PUMP THAT NO ONE WAS GOING TO. Why was everybody just sitting there, in line, waiting for the 7 other pumps when there was one readily open?

Logic. They saw everybody in these few lanes, and either assumed that the free pump was open because it was broken, or they never looked beyond the immediate opportunity in front of them. Needless to say, I drove around the corner, through another driveway, pulled up, got my gas and left.

Interestingly enough. The way back to the freeway was just as impossible. My “there HAS to be a better way to do this” mentality figured, if all the traffic is going this way, I need to go that way. So I did. I left the gas station out the first driveway where I initially entered, drove the opposite way of where my destination was, made a U-turn to get on the freeway and was home probably before some of the people waiting for the pump got their gas.

Sometimes you have to go beyond the established belief and vantage point to see what’s possible and stop looking for these trusted and true ways to get things done. Is there another, better way? Do that. Find the open pump.

Okay y’all, now go out here and have a GREAT day and attack any of the goals you have set for yourself like they are your high school bully. Knock them out the box!

Enjoy yourselves and if you’re ready to stop playing it safe and reading my long behind post and FINALLY work with me, (you know you should, but you’re waiting for guarantees and for the line to move instead of finding the open pump), book some time with me here: bit.ly/fixmymarketingfangirl

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