Your disdain for your primary audience, your competitors, and your current cash flow level is showing.

How I know? Because I’ve been there, felt that resentment and let it affect how I was showing up online especially in my panic sales efforts and lowkey rude a.k.a. petty (since now that’s a glorified thing) social media and email copy. It even slipped into one on my training videos and I had to edit it out. What I really had to edit was my attitude.

Self-awareness is so powerful because it arms you with data and the full capacity to change your situation. So because the circumstances that led to it before–slow months, dead email and group, seeing seemingly less capable (or at most comparable) peers excel in their biz–had crept up yet again, it was a different person I needed to be mad at.

Judgementpreneurs, I had to tell myself this:

Be mad at yourself for not being consistent, not getting out of your comfort zone (of primarily working with very new small businesses with budgets of under $1,000 total so recurring sales was out), and having a product or target market that doesn’t support anyone’s critical goals.

*Blank stare*

So although you feel enlightened, like you are the best (we are, really, the best), and like you ought to use shame-laced, guilt-inducing communications to sway folks into your fold, that never really has worked for me in closing more sales. Maybe it works for you, and if so, get your cash, love.


1. Go back to the drawing board and don’t be ashamed of showing up every week with a new product to offer people to test what will work long term as a substantial sales generator.

2. Show up OFFLINE and especially in places where the people who need you are, specifically if you are a consultant. Be in associations and go to local meetings where your people are. Rethink pricing strategy and start to bundle your stuff to make it value added and cohesive so folks get transformative results.

3. Change your business altogether or go back to work. Don’t let another judgementpreneur have you getting this twisted. If they were really successful, they shouldn’t have interest in how you get your coins. If your babies gotta eat, take your butt back to work and feed them. Let go of shame. I went back to work for a few months last year and it helped me rethink my biz all while giving me valuable experience AND MONEY. Don’t trip.

4. Leverage alternative ways to get to your money goals. If your audience is on lock, use a combo of sponsorship, crowdfunding, affiliate marketing, referral marketing/ambassadors, or group/volume sales economics to work for you. If you can price your item lower and get 10 people in there, instead of struggling to find one high paying client, do it. Also, once you have that ten, have them bring 10 of their friends. Then hit up brand partners who have goods and services your group needs and get money from that. Make it work!

5. Show up to work every single day. Product 365 was my personal product development challenge that is now Create Market & Sell which I offer to other folks. Basically, each and everyday, you need to be working on your product development, marketing and sales. Every single day. And especially if the marketing involves video, livestreaming, podcasting, tweetchats and third party media coverage, because…broadcasting. Create all the things and use these free tools to infiltrate new clients hearts so they will buy from you.

You have the power to change things. It’s not your existing leads, lack thereof, or your contemporaries (stop thinking of them as competitors and start thinking of them as collaborators or merely another person who is serving at the same time as you). It’s you and how you’re either perceiving or doing things.

I believe that I can always improve my situation and I believe you can always improve your situation, without being lowkey nasty.

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