Beyonce Formation Red LobsterBeyonce is, in fact, a motivational speaker. On top of that, not only has she perfectly and strategically timed the dropping of the Formation video and Superbowl half-time show announcement, but the song and videos together are enough to write home to mom about. VSB and Blavity already did and Fire & Wheel got the hot sauce t-shirts ready for the International Black Family Reunion.

While I wrote the list below of things the video did for me, the most epic part of the song for me is unequivocally the line “best revenge is your paper”. At one time, the Ambitious Diva mission was to be a catalyst for women who felt success was the best revenge. Granted, I know we can’t spend our lives giving someone who has wronged us continued consideration and mindspace, it still feels REALLY good to get revenge.

If you’re about your paper chase, and whether you’re working in corporate, doing hair, blogging, coaching, designing — whatever — you have accomplished so much already that if someone tried to think any thought that minimized you, you have already proven your unreserved flyness and could just stop where you are and STILL have your revenge. But no, we won’t.

Our resilience is strong and someone telling us we can’t, being emotionally or physically abusive, or otherwise violating our overwhelming queenness, may serve as motivation for us to keep shining, keep chipping away at our goals, keep selling, keep launching, and keep winning. This kind of revenge is the best because it’s long lasting and gives us a sense of pride in soaring over those that tried to hold us down. We glow and then dab on ‘em.

I see you sweetheart. I see EVERYTHING you’re doing out there. I’m not stalking but I see a lot of you on Facebook and Instagram and in the media, on TV shows, in Essence magazine, or any number of places because your work is being recognized. And as a fellow Ambitious Diva, I’m doing the proud mama slow claps and shouting, “That’s my girl!” Get it mama!

“Divas getting money…”

In some ways Formation is the 2016 version of Bey’s Diva and we are all here for it. So if you are ouchea like Dub C hollering “Got to get the scrilla got to get the scrilla got to get the cash hey come on got to get it,” here’s 7 ways to get it and get revenge with your paper:

  1. Digital marketing for brands. This one comes at the top of my list because, duh, I have a digital marketing agency and it all started from my love for writing and technology. In this rich media-for-all landscape, if you have a background in marketing or blogging, you have many of the skills required to start your own digital agency. That is, if you’re organized, have sales and leadership experience, and are obsessed with providing great customer service. Go forth and be bossy.
  2. Teach some of what you know with an online course. With sites like Udemy and Skillshare, you can share much of your hard earned knowledge with the masses and make money. While both of those sites take a portion of the profits, you have other options to teach online. Using sites like Rainmaker, LifterLMS, ZippyCourses or even a WordPress membership plugin like S2 Member, you can distribute bite-sized courses like this one and keep 100% of your profits.
  3. Launch a tech startup. This should be an obvious suggestion considering you have lots of resources at your disposal to learn to code. Whether you use Codecademy, Khan Academy, General Assembly, Hackbright, Treehouse, Pluralsight…do you see where I’m going here…you have so many options both free and paid to learn software development. Don’t know how to code and still want to launch a tech startup? Watch this videofrom the founder of Kollecto.
  4. Sell your designs. There are a ton of resources you can use to sell your designs. Society6, Minted, Printful, Spreadshirt, Zazzle, Patternbank, Spoonflower and Teespring are some of the ones I’ve looked into. So far, I’ve launched a few different campaigns on the latter which allows you to upload, choose product and print using a crowdfunding type feature. With most of these, you have to share profits, but it beats having to source different printing vendors and merchandise plus the trouble of shipping.
  5. Start a boutique. It helps to have Akilah of Online Boutique Source on your side if you’re looking to do any kind of ecommerce store. Start with a search of wholesalers or use merchandise that you’ve made and sale at market price for profit. Just like with the other design options mentioned above, you can opt to choose a vendor that does drop shipping for easy startup and to test whether the products sell, or use a platform like Woocommerce to upgrade your WordPress site and ShipStation to help you as you manage on hand inventory and shipping.
  6. Blogging and Event Influence. The girls on Bloggers Like Me are all examples of women with a passion for writing who have or are aspiring to make money blogging. Whether using blogging to drive traffic to an existing business or to blog AS your business, start writing using Blogger or WordPress for free. Or you can purchase a hosting account using my favorite Dreamhost (Bluehost is another highly rated option), and then install WordPress onto your new hosting account to start blogging. Sign up for Adsense, any number of blogger ad networks like Clever Girls or Glam, Commission Junction, LinkShare and the affiliate programs of companies that have them to earn advertising commissions. Since your influence and reach is VITAL, be sure to have an email autoresponder service like Mailchimp hooked up to your site with the SumoMe plugin opt-in features to capture the emails of your sites visitors with an enticing offer. Leverage your email list, blog readers, social media account followers and offline community connections to pitch to PR firms or individual brands so you can partner with them to push their campaigns. Have your sponsorship kits ready ma’am and your PayPal invoicing on deck.
  7. Start a freelance side hustle using any number of your many, many skills. My first real effort at entrepreneurship started with a written proposal on what is now Upwork. That very first proposal EVER landed me my first gig. Eventually, I started to specialize in marketing support and direction because I had experience. You might be a graphic designer, a business plan writer, a voiceover actress or do some other really cool thing that other people need. Fiverr is another option and although you might start off offering a basic $5 service, your upcharges are where the bread and butter rolls in. Use social media to promote your services and share your portfolio. If you want to ditch those freelance marketplaces (although I say use them merely as a secondary way to market your business and generate leads), you can go the traditional route of offering a service to people you already know have a need directly through sales calls, teaching at local organizations (a GREAT way to get leads) or hosting your own tweetchat using hashtags related to the problem or service. However you do it, do it.

Baby, this is just a small bit of what you COULD do. Just know that you have an abundant opportunity to get money and get revenge with your paper!

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