There are so many things you can do to improve your business. Many times, we get frustrated because we feel we’ve done everything and are still having trouble. Rest assured, that’s very common but something that can be overcome.

Of course, the other extreme is to try to follow every suggestion out there for your business and you get hit with information overload and a to-do list that is out of this world. Without getting into a long list, how about you commit to doing these FIVE things right now if you really want to change the game. These are things you can do right now to impact your long term success and none of them are extremely difficult.

  1. Go to Facebook, like and subscribe to notifications for leading industry news sources. You may already spend a lot of time there so you should be feeding yourself the latest information on how to grow your business. This may mean joining groups. Turn on notifications for the groups that you have found to be most helpful. For me, that’s the Bloggers Like Me group so I stay there reading and learning.
  2. Develop a new year business and marketing/promotional plan. You don’t have to have an MBA-developed plan. You just need to quantify your reach/awareness, conversion and income goals and define steps, activities and a schedule for getting there. First, start with a calendar and mark off the times of the year that you may need to boost attention for your business. Next, commit to doing one activity, like distributing a press release, running a sale, producing a webinar, or speaking at an event. Following that, make the necessary plans and prepare your materials and information so that you can execute your strategy.
  3. Commit to attending at least one large conference. I’m not saying pay a million bucks. I’m not saying travel to Dubai to get this information. I’m saying commit to finding an event that will meet your educational, relationship, and marketing goals. My favorites are the state funded ones that California BOE holds and I have already booked my ticket for BlogHer: Experts Among Us in order to remain sharp with my content strategy and to meet amazing people.
  4. Gather your accountability team. The first person you need to be accountable to is you. Beyond that, and if you need support, pick a few people who are strong where you are weak and regularly speak with them. The BEST way for this to work and to be mutually beneficial is for you to either pay this accountability partner if they are a consultant, service provider or coach, or if you are strong in an area where they are weak, deliver equal value to them. Either way, there should be an exchange that leaves you both better off.
  5. Obtain or sharpen your tools. Tools consist of whatever you need to get things done. Need a scheduling system? Get it. Want education?  Grab Udemy or Skillshare classes. Need better brand images? Check out CreateHER Stock. Have lots of questions about how to do things? Visit Quora. Or you may sharpen what you are doing by learning more or rethinking HOW you are approaching your business.

Commit to taking this thing by the horns and owning it. And to give you a boost, I’ve just released the first set of tools to help you rework your approach in the Business Improvement Worksheet Starter 3-Pack. It includes:

  • SWOT Analysis worksheet
  • User Persona worksheet
  • Brand Building worksheet

Grab it for $3 below.

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