A few days ago, the latest O magazine came in the mail. She replied to something that I wrote on Facebook (not really, but you know Oprah KNOWS women and our struggles, so I felt like she was talking to me) by saying You Are Not Alone,  in reference to depression, anxiety, PTSD and even perimenopause.

Women are suffering.

As a blog that has primarily attracted black women, it is likely that you are a woman of color who knows this. You too may have or know someone who has felt the crippling feelings attached to mental illness or negative emotions. You may also be feeling the very real physical affects that come with that.

But there is help. There is family, community members, medical professionals, therapists, good friends, church members and a slew of other people who we hope desire for you to be well. But they can’t get anywhere if you aren’t one who is willing to do this one thing:


In this very special mastHERmind, I wanted to discuss self-care and specifically Self-Care for Brown Girls, an initiative brought to us by Sattah K. Jallah, a certified yoga instructor and the Founder of Holistic Roots Movement, and Andrea C. Imafidon, the founder of Brown Girl From Boston an unapologetic blog for women of color who are looking to uncover their FLYness (Forever Liberate Yourself so you can Fearlessly Loving Yourself).

In this call, we cover:

  • Why Self-Care for Brown Girls is so important
  • Reasons why people may not seek the help they need
  • How social injustice affects people of color
  • How Self-Care for Brown Girls was promoted to help reach an audience that needed that message
  • Community economics
  • and so much more

This call is about an hour so be sure to be able to chill and get all of it. When I tell you we had the best, soulful, realest talk, I mean it.

I introduce you to the ladies of Self-Care for Brown Girls. Take a listen:

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