Alaia Williams and I have been biz colleagues for a while now. We met online and connected in real life at a natural hair event, back when I was running Natural Hair Parade blog and events and buzzing around the beauty circles. She’s responsible for some cool events many of you in the LA area have attended and single-handedly out-bae’d us all with a crash test dummy boyfriend. She’s unique.

She’s also someone I could depend on for my shenanigans and in my years goal of creating content daily for products, marketing and passion, the mastHERmind call series (really, just me calling up folks in my uber-resourceful network and catching up, talking about their current projects, and literally masterminding about how we can make our little universes more awesome), she came through.

Here’s our call. She’s the master of organization and systems and started her business out of a need that she had: Empathetic organization for scattered entrepreneurs. Listen in and find out:

  • how she used Craigslist to find leads
  • what systems she thinks a new business needs, and
  • how you could get your life

The call is about 30 minutes so you play it while you work building your awesomeness.

P.S. She offers some special perks for you at the end so be sure to listen all the way through.

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