social sellingTwitter has become one of the primary ways businesses are communicating with potential buyers instead of focusing only on advertisement that don’t really allow for there to be dialogue. It is how businesses like yours are truly ENGAGING with folks. But you may mostly be using it for fun and not seeing the business advantages of being on the platform.

Many of the Twitter newbies I speak to or meet during my live trainings aren’t using it regularly or consistently to drive traffic to their websites, using it’s search features to identify sales opportunities, doing any monitoring of metrics or conversions, and are not simply playing around on the platform building relationships.

When I found out about SocialCentiv last week, I wanted to immediately share it with you because what it does is what’s called “social listening”, basically scouring the platform for conversations around key words and phrases you wish to engage with another Twitter user on. SocialCentiv is more than a souped up search box, as it eliminates the need for you manually to test out search operators and it automatically find tweets and notifies you of conversations you may want to jump in and pitch on.

Another perk is if you have an offer, like an ebook, or discounted service, SocialCentiv has built in landing pages to allow you to reply to leads and share a unique link to either the SocialCentiv landing page, your personal landing page or to get people to sign up on a Mailchimp email list. The purpose of this is to get people into conversations OUTSIDE of Twitter and into your sales funnel.

I’ve already started using SocialCentiv and I landed some high qualified leads and have booked calls on my calendar, all from using the tool to pull conversations from Twitter, sending my offer, and exchanging more information to set the appointment. If only all marketing was that easy.

I have over 4.5K conversations to pick from sitting in my mailbox right now, tailored to what I’m looking for, since the platform goes off of my choices to “learn” what kind of tweets I want to see. So this makes things a bit easier for me. For that, a monthly fee of $49 seems worth it, but you can try it out for free for a week and play with it here.

Of course, you’ll need a Twitter account and have a basic understanding of Twitter to really leverage that tool. However, the key is to know who is having conversations relevant to the service you provide and responding accordingly. It doesn’t have to be a creepy process, but can feel a little weird if you’re not yet comfortable having simple conversations or pitching solutions online.

Being informal when replying is a good rule of thumb and also being regular and available to engage people in real-time. Once you are thought of as a trusted friend, even if you have chatted on Twitter about someone unrelated to what you sell, you will become top of mind when and if that person is looking for your service. It’s the know, like and trust factor at its finest.

Be there, share quality information, use the search tool or one like SocialCentiv to identify leads, and turn those conversations into appointments to meet. This may be the one low-price tool to totally transform how you generate qualified leads and it all starts with a simple tweet.

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