Yes, that’s me posing for the camera. (Thanks, Google, for your creepy Auto Awesome that animates my pictures without my approval).

About two years ago, I had what seems like a mini nervous breakdown during a larger nervous breakdown. My life was already in turmoil from financial woes and emotional upheaval from a bout of seasonal effective disorder.

One day, my new laptop wouldn’t turn on. I scoured the tech boards, ordered a new plug since my PC was under warranty, and thought I was good. I wasn’t. The new plug did nothing and it turned out that I needed to send my computer, the files on which were backed up nowhere, to be repaired. This at a time when I was doing design and PR work my clients one-man show.

I had my mini breakdown. I thought I would die, if not from a meltdown, from wounds inflicted by the client who needed my work, his files, and results. Instead of murder, he generously loaned me a Mac and I was able to rebuild some things and carry out my work for him.

Fast forward to last week, I learned my site had been defaced. Yay, my business site had been defaced, but not just the one, all of the domains I own. Oh joy. I freaked out a little, because again, I wasn’t prepared. This time, however, the freak out was less swag-damaging.

You see, being an entrepreneur, or a human, requires you take hits. You might even get beat up a little…or a lot. However, once you begin to see that your mind and body is resilient AND that there are ways around each problem you face, you begin to develop a shock system that absorbs the blows and helps you keep rolling.

As I’d mentioned in the #brilliantandbrokenomore talk, whenever you are faced with problems, accept or at least be aware of what has happened, and then brainstorm two potential solutions. That shifts your mind from obsessing on what is now the past and forces you to move forward, be active in creating change and hopefully brings you closer to a resolution.

Computers break, hackers hack, weaves come loose, your favorite beta fish dives out of the fish bowl into the garbage disposal (this happened) and you might think your heart will stop. It doesn’t. For me, faith has a large part in helping me deal with potentially devastating circumstances, but once I perceive that no matter what, there is somebody bigger and more powerful than me I can lean on, I definitely get to leaning. (Just leaning, not rocking.)

As the old folks say, “Keep living.” Maintain your swag, roll with the punches and live to see another beautiful day.

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