I particularly love this email from Anthony Iannarino. In essence, Anthony is saying, “Support this girl and her family and I will give of my time and energy as a way of becoming the “perk” for your donation.” Check out the body of the email below:

Good Afternoon Jasmine,

My wife was a school nurse. While she worked at the school, she met a really nice family who had adopted 8 children from China, most of whom have special needs. Their oldest child, Audrey, a sixth-grader, had a cancerous tumor removed a few weeks ago. She is a tough little cookie, but she is struggling right now. And so is her family.

Now, one of her younger sisters, also with special needs, is hospitalized with an infection. This little one is awaiting a leg surgery which had to be postponed so the family could deal with Audrey’s surgery and chemotherapy.


Please help me help Audrey and her family. Go here to make a donation. Whatever you give will be appreciated.

When you receive the receipt for your donation, forward the email to [email protected], and I will send you an invitation to an exclusive webinar. During this webinar, I will answer your sales-realted questions, review a deal with you, and give you any help I can for an hour and half on Friday, May 23 at 4:00 PM ET (1:00 PM PT).

Thanks for letting me share this with you. And thanks for helping me help Audrey.

Anthony Iannarino

How can you rally support for a cause you care about? What can you give by means of your time, energy and resources as a reward for the support of a larger community? What marketing tactics will you use to get the word out? Share your thoughts below to help us all learn how to be better givers.