There are some pretty cool ways to draw attention to a crowdfunding campaign, and this example was pretty impressive. Finding out about the Kickstarter campaign for CENTR, a handy little device for watching panoramic video, all started with a paid advertisement on Google ad network. It was placed on a high-traffic site, within the body of an article that fit precisely with what this campaign is about.

CENTR was obviously very thoughtful about where they wanted the ads to appear, who they wanted to speak directly to, and what they wanted to happen after the visitor clicked on their advertisement.
image In this case, CENTR’s ad showed up in Mashable on an article about a new movie trailer, which likely means the readers are into sci-fi, technology, gadgets and the latest news in these spaces. It worked well because the compelling ad copy and design layout of the ad was appealing and fit what I was reading about–movies. I clicked and was taken to a well arranged product landing page, which in this case is a Kickstarter campaign page which is optimized, equally as engaging and would motivate most well-targeted people to donate to be a part of a great new product related to both tech and entertainment.
image Investing in paid advertisements, namely display and contextual ads on an expansive network of high-traffic sites is the direction you your mind should go in if you are clear in exactly who you want to target and what action you want them to take.

Brilliant job, CENTR!

Images: Courtesy of Mashable and CENTR Kickstarter page