As a marketing and communications professional, I feel like I have to get to the bottom of the problem of why some businesses are not seeing the results they work so hard for. Research and experiments are a part of my daily life. I have learned to stop seeing this process as a problem, but simply as a scientific or mathematical query that needs to be tracked, analyzed and answered, using some constant and variable factors.

What are the emotional triggers that turn on the “Let me take out my wallet” button in prospective clients mind? What does one need to say in order to capture a clients attention so much so the clients feel like they are being spoken to directly? What colors, shapes or page layout affects where the eyes move and where their pointers click? What is valuable to the client and what can one say that matches the product or service to that valuable need? How can we make a common, oft imperfect product or service appeal to a large amount of people, make them believe it’s great, and then deliver an experience that keeps those people coming back?

Then there are other points of consideration. Why would people want to part with their hard earned money to work with this brand? How does it make another feel? What problem do they have that is so painful that they let go of money that could be spent on something else in order to give to have it fixed?

In my sales process or those I’m piecing together for others, I wonder, how can I make them feel that pain, show how I’m the salve for it help them understand what easing that pain is worth, and motivate them to not wait another day without healing? What is their whining, nagging NEED?

People speak of the know, like and trust factor, but just considering how I feel and respond as a consumer, I am concerned with also with spend, happy, repeat factor. Can whatever product or service I market have so much of a positive impact that people not only take the desired action, but afterward were so amazed at the results that they do it again and again and tell other people about it?

Marketing starts with simply getting the word out about something and then snowballs into managing the customer life cycle. It adds up to psychologically involving people with what you do so that working with you becomes a natural part of their lives. It sounds a bit like religion or adopting a certain way of being, but in so many ways, like religion, marketing and sales is the indoctrination that speaks deeply to the pastures soul, and then fear, love or hope, all great motivators, incite people to adopt or reject a certain course of action.

It’s all in the communications, branding, interface, user experience, product delivery and service. By using these effectively and systematically, you can program your ideal clients to happily patronize your product or service and do so repeatedly. Knowing this should all affect how we think about and execute our respective marketing and sales programs.

Too much to think about or not sure what to do now that you’ve considered this? No worries, it is a lot to think about, especially if you are a one person team. Ambitious Diva Company can help go from “I have no clue where to start with my marketing” to “I have so many leads, I can hardly fulfill orders”. If you want a tradeoff of problems to have, let’s talk. Contact us using the form on our home page to let us know where you are struggling.