Most problems we face in becoming who we want to be has to do with being ready. The truth no one usually says is that you can only be successful at achieving your goal if you are truly ready. What is being ready? How do we become ready?

My definition of readiness is having a mental inclination so determined and desirous of a goal that no odds, great or small, real or imagined, impedes the forward progression and action required to achieve the desired result. This begs the question, are YOU ready? What do you want SO bad, that your bed isn’t too comfortable, being still isn’t fun and well-meaning friends and families discouragement becomes muted?

The light went off for me when in response to me asking why someone didn’t make a right turn and if it was hard to do, they quipped, “It’s not hard. I just don’t want to do it.” I then wondered if the reason for us not achieving what we want in life has less to do with us not being focused, but because we really don’t want to for a small, almost subconscious reason.

In the case of weight loss, I experienced such a lack of readiness, not really wanting to go hard on a program because I didn’t want to start a diet plan and fail. Instead, I reasoned, I would never start. Still I claimed I wanted to lose weight and was ready to make a change.

In another instance of not being ready involved me wanting to be paid more. If you would have asked me if I was ready to do what it takes to make more money, I would have said yes. Yet, my efforts to change my financial situation were not consistent and I felt conflicted. I wanted money but I feared that if I expended all of my energies focusing on the pursuit of more money I might sacrifice faith and family. This ambiguity resulted in mental paralysis and no progress toward my goal.

To be ready is to have more desire for what you want than anything. It is where your desire, passion, determination win out over pitfalls and serves as a catalyst for your focused activity. It makes all else pale in comparison.

In order to get set, you must be solid and prepared for action. This makes your poised for the work ahead. You allocate resources and energies and define strategies to meet all milestones. You are were you need to be to act.

Once you become ready and set, it is time to go. Going is less about mindset and more about activity. Its starting the execution.

Often we run our race with speed and stamina in the beginning of our journey and then later slow down. To overcome lethargy and a lack of motivation, we mind identify the source of the discouragement, refuel our minds with education and encouragement and hone in on your Why? and especially our Why not? Often reading the experiences of another person who has successfully overcome similar goals and challenges  or even speaking with an experienced mentor or coach will provide the insight you need to get started and see your action to the finish.

In theory, being ready, set and go-ing sounds easy. Still, integrity and discipline are the keys to unlocking successful completion of any undertaking. Refine each of those and you will cross the finish line!

Do you need help #1 getting ready (mindset), #2 being set (prepared), #3 going (action)? How about discipline and integrity? What motivates you to be effective at doing?

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