Sarah Grear Writing Copy WorkshopAnd…no, there is no sales pitch for any of Ambitious Diva Company’s services. The challenge for most new businesses and many long standing ones, is they have minimal success, some sales, but nothing to write home about and limited funds to bring on someone who excels in the areas where the company needs help. It’s a matter of picking and choosing where to reinvest in order to have the largest impact and return on the investment.

The cool thing is that people respond to content, copy, words, text. Reading is fundamental and with the right words, you can convince people to do a world of crazy things, including taking money they’ve worked really hard for, saved and later give it to you. Ideally, we want this to be their choice, in exchange for what you offer by way of expert knowledge or a product or service that improves their lives in some awesome way. So it makes sense to use the power of language to make this happen.

The challenge here is often coming up with the RIGHT word groupings to create an emotional connect that incites action. We want folks to either click to pay or pull out cash to hand to us. If we aren’t skilled with emotional triggers, consumer behavior and the intricacies of language, we are pretty jacked up. Other issues include not being able to articulate what we do in a nutshell, a package that we can wrap up nicely and hand to someone else who receives it well.

The solution can be any number of things. You could talk it out by way of video and audio, write a bunch and test until you find something that works, or simply hire someone who has a proven track record of writing stirring copy that converts folks into buyers. The latter option can be pricey but the investment may be one that transforms your lead generation and income strategy. Why not try it?

Sarah Grear Writing Copy Workshop 2

Oh, yes, that’s right, we opened with a discussion of keeping cost down because newbies and veterans in business operation like to keep tabs and be smart about what expenditures to make. Aha! There is a low-cost solution that pairs a person like you with a person like the above-mentioned super copywriter for minimum fees!

Ambitious Diva Company is very well connected and one of our favorite people in the whole world (well actually, one of our Inner Divasphere members, the very tightly knit community of advisors), Sarah Grear , is leading a two-day, intimate, cozy, guided, activity-based, only $397, LIVE writing seminar, Unleash Your Voice,  in sunny California on Saturday and Sunday, April 26-27, 2014, with only a few very driven women who have amazing products and services that haven’t truly unlocked all that there is to be said about their businesses in the beauty of well-chosen words.

Quick, you only have a week to register and be there for the live event and if you hadn’t gotten a chance to do Sarah’s complimentary call, where all of us got a chance to outline what our purpose, passion and project details, you shouldn’t skip on leveraging the opportunity to be able to spend two days developing the very thing that will end up making you more money. And ultimately that’s what most people want, even if our project is heart-based, since money becomes the leverage that moves things forward for us and the people we serve.

Please check out the following links to learn more about Sarah and the Unleash Your Voice two-day event this weekend!

P.S. I plan to be in attendance too, writing and cheering on all my fellow sisterpreneurs. I hope you will be one of them.

P.S.S. Pay special attention to the notification that spontaneous dancing may occur at Unleash Your Voice in case you’re allergic to productivity, effectiveness and fun.

Jasmine Powers, Ambitious Diva Company