Admittedly, the last two months have been a whirlwind and while some projects have been developed, launched and are rolling, others have gone ker-plunk. Contrary to my normal superwoman nature, things have felt a bit like a house of cards, with everything falling down. Well, I guess I shouldn’t be too surprised, I’ve never been good at juggling, hence I never joined the circus.

Times like these require serious action, so that:

  1. Things get done.
  2. You don’t get so depressed and overwhelmed that things aren’t done.
  3. You don’t risk being sued, evicted, negligent to your kids or threatened with divorced because things aren’t done. Yeah, sometimes for us gals, things are that serious.


I work a lot with my clients on planning, time management and success strategies. Still, even the best made plans can get sideswiped or derailed with a family emergency, a financial reversal, or illness. Here’s how to manage and still keep things moving forward.

Operate on Power Save mode. Only do the absolutely necessary things you need to do, like shower, taking the kids to school, wearing non wrinkled clothes, throwing on a hat for your hair, and cooking easy meals. Don’t do anything that will drain your already limited brain or energy resources.

Find and remind yourself of your motivation. I find that most of the times, where people have trouble moving forward and sticking to getting a project or goal done is they lack motivation, determination, and confidence that they can do it. Remember your why and the intensity of it and let that serve to fuel your determination to get it done. Your why may be as simple as, “If I finish this project, I never have to think of this work/client/place again.”

Do a little. Overwhelm comes from the mental and physical exhaustion of having too much on your shoulders than you think you can bear. If we were carrying too many groceries, however, we would put some down and only carry what we could, and later go back and get the rest (I always do that with the huge water bottles and go back and get them another day because I’m not Vin Diesel, lol). With projects or responsibilities, break down what needs to be done in steps and only do two of the steps a day. I call this method the TWO DO. It supports the Power Save method, of doing only what you absolutely have to do to get by.

Don’t take on any more. If you’re already being asked a lot, refuse to take on more. Don’t commit to any events, projects, financial responsiblitie

Enlist help. If you have school age kids, have them take on a bit of household responsibility and have them make their own beds, sweep, or other light task. They love to do it especially if you praise them for their help. They aren’t little Cinderella’s so don’t go overboard, but keep it light and reasonable for the kiddies. On the other hand, older children and mates can do a bit more when it comes to household tasks. If you cook, they can clean up afterward. They can vacuum or take out the trash. As far as work is concerned, an investment in an assistant can double your workforce and staff you with someone who can help your workload. THAT is never too expensive. They will make you more money than you are paying out. See the investment to your life, mind, business and body.s, nothing. You are already spent, from where with this other new energy and time come from to do other things. Handle the first pile before adding another one. Tell your family as nicely as you can that this is what you’re doing so they don’t volunteer you or expect more than you can handle.

Find your own methods of helping you move through even the most difficult of times and not having things snowball even more. A little accomplishment could be a huge relief, so never quit altogether. Keep on fighting through and implementing methods that you can reasonably do to help you get ‘er done!

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