Today is the last day of our first annual Say NO Week, September 15-21, 2013. Next year it will fall on the third week on September 14-20, 2014. Think of this as a fall cleaning for your life. On our last day today keep mind these things:

• Say, “NO, thank you,” to any lies you’ve believed about yourself or negative and manipulative things people want to make you feel to fit their agenda. Simply and kindly reject it. “No, thank you.’

• Say NO to drugs. I’m serious. Nothing is off limits here as long as it’s discussed in a wholesome way. Say NO to Ecstacy, abuse of prescription drugs, alcohol abuse, smoking, weed, coke, heroin, bath salts, Molly, the syzzurp (yes, I said syzzurp) and any combination of these. How can you honor yourself with substances, that when used, don’t allow you to think clearly and be fully aware, in control and safe yourself and safe to others?

• Say NO to men who are comfortable making you feel your absolute worst. If that means waiting or being single, get comfortable with it, because the cost and quantity of your happiness and sanity should be high. Accept no less,as if this was a real estate deal. Don’t settle for a bootleg, nonpaying buyer or a tenant that will intentionally damage or destroy your property.

• Say NO to charlatans posing as coaches and consultants. I have had two people this month who’ve invested in programs and services that are sold by people who talk the talk but really are selling you a lifestyle rather than practical and profitable advice. Sorry to tell you, but business is hard work and business planning, sales, marketing, consumer research and product development take time and money. It’s also very risky but don’t walk into a trap promising your fantasy rather than solid results. Invest in a book, implement, and if you have trouble with that, work with a consultant who REALLY knows their stuff instead of them sharing tactics they read about and never used or implemented. Another thing, it’s your business to mind your business. Your consultant shouldn’t know your bank account and books and you don’t. Don’t make it easy for someone to mess over your money. NO charlatans!

• Say NO to clutter, compulsions, distractions and disorganization. Which one of those things serve you? Just say no.

• Say NO to an imbalance of  control and grace/niceness. Don’t be so controlling and self preserving (read: truly selfish) that you hurt other people. Don’t be so nice and gracious that other selfish people hurt you. Be balanced and structure how you want your life to be and the people in your life to be and make choices to allow what you want to happen, but don’t intend to be mean hearted and unmerciful. “Diva” doesn’t equal undignified woman (my description of a woman typically called out of her name).

Ladies, hopefully this helps you create boundaries and life policies that help you get what you REALLY want in your life, as far as it depends upon you. Be in alignment with this and surely your happiness level, feelings of freedom and confidence will increase.