Donald G Wooten of Hollagraphics Design Service's fun tech reference to Kendrick's popular hit.

Donald G Wooten of Hollagraphics Design Service’s fun tech reference to Kendrick’s popular hit.

Two names you’ve heard all week: Kendrick Lamar and Robin Thicke.

Two songs under the spotlight: Control and Blurred Lines.


Two things you thought: Those dudes are brilliant. Those dudes are crazy.

Two awesomely practical lessons on killing your competition in untraditional ways: Rap about them. Sue them.

Two reasons it rocks: The buzz. The elimination of IP issues long term.


Two other sidebar awesome points to note: Both songs were collaborations with equal or superior fame. Both songs wowed.

Two things you should implement right now so you’re smart: A hard hitting, though-inducing, maybe even maddening campaign that makes fans and enemies go “Ohhhhhhhh” or *clutch the pearls* and search engine marketing campaign that features your high-ranking competitors names, products and keywords that links back to you. Trademark, patent protect or otherwise own the rights to your joint and then sue anybody who may be using or thinking about using it or who may later THINK about suing you.

Two things to get ‘er done: Hit me up for some AdWords vouchers and a strategy that will drive traffic using video, display ads or contextual ads. Hit me up for info on how to start your trademark, copyright or patent protection going plus a referral to a fly lawyer who can open up a can of proverbial beat down on any who tries to use your intellectual property to make a dollar or confuse the marketplace.

Two how-to’s: then pay me at time of your appointment.

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